North Ride For Japan Charity Ride.

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  1. A charity ride by North Thailand's bikers to raise money for Japan's Earthquake & Tsunami victims.
    Sunday May 1st
    MotoGP party after the event.
    Funds raised to be presented to the Japanese consul in Chiang Mai.

    Join riders from
    Chiang Mai
    Chiang Rai

    The ride a 300 kms loop Chiang Mai - Lampang - Wang Nua - Mae Kachan - Chiang Mai.

    Full details coming soon.
  2. More details of the ride above.
    Date as above. Sunday 1st May
    Departure point. Nut Honda Shop Huay Kaew Road. Left hand side travelling toward Doi Suthep. After Rincome junction with Super Highway and before Canal Road Junction
    Meet 8.30 for morning coffee
    Leaving time 9.00.
    Route. To Baan Suchada, northern outskirts of Lampang for coffee break and meet Lampang riders.
    Take road 1035 to Chae Hom for lunch. Meet some other riders.
    Continue 1035 to Wang Nua.
    120 to Mae Kachan, hoping to meet riders from Phayao and Chiang Rai.
    Return on 118 to Chiang Mai to Nut Honda shop again, snacks and showing of Moto 2 and Moto GP races on a large screen.
    Expected return to Chiang Mai. Between 4pm and 5pm. If you cannot ride with us please join for the evening Moto GP showing
    Approximate distance 300Km

    The purpose is to raise funds to be directed to the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami disaster and of course to enjoy the company of other riders on some good roads.
    It is expected that the tourist police will provide an escort and we are also seeking a backup vehicle to assist in the event of breakdowns or mishaps.
    We are expecting in excess of 50 bikes, all are invited, this will definately not be an event for racing, as safety has to be paramount.
    Any enquires to Khun Tum (English and Thai) 0845 044109 or John Gooding (English and a little German and even less French) 0818825122
  3. Thanks for the update, John. See you there for the ride.
  4. Further details of the Charity ride.
    2 Police motorcycles will attend to help with good formation and traffic flow.
    2 support vehicles will follow the bikes to assist with any breakdowns and to carry drinks, first aid and other supplies.
    The Japanese Consul will attend the event at the Honda shop from around 6pm and will receive donations raised.
    Riders will be asked to register and pay 300 Baht to attend the event. This will be donated in full as well as any voluntary contributions to the Japanese Consul. All running expenses have been covered by donations by the organisers, and other sponsors mentioned in this post.
    All riders will receive a gift pack including a T shirt (Thankyou to Nut Honda for these) and stickers to commemorate the event. Morning and evening food and drinks will be free, (provided again by Honda and local restaurants). Drinks will be provided free at the morning stop in Lampang. Lunch and any later stops will be at the cost of the riders.
    Please do free up your diaries and join us to make this a great day out and a memorable evening. Please also invite any friends or others who may not see this posting on GT-Rider
  5. Great work John.
    Should be a great day and such a worth while cause.
    Me and Boo look forward to joining all the riders on Sunday for this great event.
  6. No thanks, the Japanese embassy would not even supply a wreath at the dawn ceremony at Kanchanaburi.
    Even Korea was present, they supplied some of the most brutal guards in the 2nd World War.
    Please refer to the ANZAC thread.
    Lest we forget
  7. Sorry to miss you on this one Tom.
    See you out and about soon
  8. Does that have anything to do with the Tsunami / Earthquake / Nuclear disaster that hit Japan? I don't think so. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

    Sorry I won't be able to make it, lack of time.
  9. Bit harsh, Tom.
    Also kind of ironic seeing as most here ride Japanese bikes.
  10. Well the day went very well, which was not the way it looked at 8.00am due to heavy rain. The start had to be delayed and no doubt we lost a good few riders because of the poor weather. Despite that over 35 bikes and 2 support vehicles left the Honda shop and by the time the route was completed, more than 50 bikes had taken part. The rest of the day and evening stayed dry and all enjoyed a good ride, and a very sociable atmosphere. Some faster riders made there own way, but the Tourist Police gave a good briefing and kept the main group, which included more than 10 Honda PCX, together very well.
    The evening with the presence of the Japanese Consul General, Mr Kazuo Shibata went well, with plenty of free food, the MOTO GP, speeches and a number of games with prizes kindly donated by Nat Honda. Just over 22,000 Baht were collected and presented to the Consul General.
    Many thanks to Nat Honda, our main sponsor and to all others who donated, food, drink, time, support vehicles and other facilities that led to a succesful day. Thank you to all who donated, attended and particularly to those brave enough to come and ride a fair distance on a day that did not look promising at outset.
    I am just back from a holiday (honeymoon) in Hua Hin and when I have my act together I will collect and post some pictures. Any others with pictures please do post here. You can also search for the user Northride ForJapan, on Facebook, as some of our Thai friends have posted pictures there.
  11. Well done guys.

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