North Thailand & Laos


Apr 12, 2005
Hi guys , I did a great 14 days Rally in Cambodia last year and I am looking for a new destination for this winter , there is a 14 days off road going from Northern Thailand to Laos off road and this is organized by, does any of you had a good or bad experience with this company tour.
Thanks for any info.
you can email me directly if you want.
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Jan 20, 2003
Hi Hendi

I took a look at the link that you posted. H-C Travel is a tour agency that is UK based. They subcontract out the tour to a local operator.

The tour that is described on the link probably happened quite a while ago. The leader that is mentioned, Walter, totally quit the business a few years back and sold off the bikes. You might ask H-C Travel about that.

I would suggest that you find out who in Chiang Mai will be actually doing the tour, and ask for some feedback on them. You should also confirm that your bike will be 100% legally registered in Thailand, and that the tour operator will give you a guarantee that you will be allowed into Laos. Some recent tours have been turned back at the border due to lack of registrations and paperwork.

Walter's bikes were all legally registered. I don't know of any tour company in Chiang Mai that can say the same.

In-country tours can usually get away with unregistered bikes. Crossing borders is a different story.


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