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  1. Hello GT experts, I will be grateful for your help and opinion on my next Thailand tour (nov 2009).

    My basic plan, first cnx-gt-nan-cnx and then cnx-pai-cnx .

    Is it possible (or wise ?!) to ride chiang mai-doi ang khang-thaton-mae salong- and mae sai on the same day?

    can we ride from chiang mai to pai via baan wat chan on the same day ?

    where can I buy the gt map in chiang mai ?

  2. Hi Erango,

    You've picked some of the top locations there.

    You'll have to let us know how long you have so the guys can give you details and suggestions.

    To try to answer: you can do a hell of a lot in one day; however its more enjoyable to take your time and enjoy the awesome roads and views.
    You state that you'll go from the GT to Nan and there are alternatives on how to do that;i.e. passing by Phu Chi Fa (1155 & 1093) and hitting road 1148 towards Nan.
    Going up to Pai is great but the awesome road and views are beyond it, so you may want to consider doing the whole of the Mae Hong Son loop.

    Which ever way you go have a great ride!
  3. Eran, you can do CNX to Mae Sai in a day using your proposed route but better off to break it into 2 days with an overnight at Thaton or Doi Mae Salong to give yourself more time - it really is beautiful up there and deserves to be savoured.

    CNX to Pai via Wat Chan is an easy days ride but you need a dual sport or Enduro bike.

    GT map available all over N. Thai but you'll need the both GT and the Mae Hong Song maps to effectively cover the area.


  4. I orderderd the map(s) , is it that simple ?

    thanks again for your answers , when i'll get the maps i'm sure that i'll have more questions .

    i'll be back

    eran golan
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  6. no i'm not ,eran ofer.
    thanks any how



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