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  1. At a wild guess this looks like it is around the back side of Doi Inthanon, not the Nong Tao - Sop Wak trail is it?
  2. Some are Tom Lod, around there. There is a small pave road that goes off to a hill tribe. I tried every off road I could find there. Nothing spectacular though, just Tracking. Then I did the trip that goes North of Tam Lod to North of Pai. They had a little Burmese Refugee camp there that sells gas. Went to go south down a track to Pai and back to Cave Lodge where I was staying but missed it and had to loop all the way down back to 107 and to 1095... (My Poor planning). Then went to Ban Rak Thai to Mae Hong Son along the dirt track back to CM
  3. Doi Intanon... Not sure exactly. That route I'm pretty sure was mostly from about 15 K from cave lodge then it breaks off dirt North and wraps back down close to Pai..... Is that near Doi Intanon, I'm not even sure where Intanon is exactly....
  4. That top one.... was a small village on a hill ridge. Really liked the scene setting. Not far and appeared to be a dead end. There was about a rough double track heading up a steep face but too steep for me to tackle alone, so not sure where that goes. Though most those dirt roads just follows the ridge lines into slash and burn fields (whcih are pretty cool).
  5. No, not quite. Doi Inthanon is 113 kms from Cave Lodge, as the crow flies.
    BTW sounds like you need to carry a GT Rider hard copy map with you so that you get to know the lay of the land & where you are in relation to other places in North Thailand.
    Its not uncommon for GPS addicts to have no idea where they are or have been because they only follow the line on their GPS.
    Doi Inthanon is the highest mountain in Thailand & is well marked on most maps. It also has some good trails around in it & in the immediate general area.

    I like your photos though; a few captions with each one would be helpful so that we know where you are & can share some tips.
  6. Thanks Dave....

    You know at Cave lodge there was a backpacker that showed me your GT-Rider map. I quickly put some way points for the route from Cave Lodge North to Pai, and also got the route from Mae Hong Son to Chiang Mai. Needless to say the day after I picked up your Mae Hong Son and Chiang Rai map which I'll carry with me now.

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