North West down to VTE Dec 08


Dec 2, 2008
First post and I must say some good info here.
My girlfriend and I, 2up on a Honda CT110 will be entering Laos in a week or so (Dec 08) and we have a few questions that I have been unable to find answers to here on GT.
The bike is registered in my name in Australia, I have the papers and a Carnet.

Are we able to get visas on arrival entering Laos at Huay Xay?
Are the border/offices open on the weekend?

Our planned route is
Huay Xay - UdomXai - LP - Phonsavan - VV - VTE

Firstly can anyone tell me what are the maximum altitudes we will experience riding the main routes between these towns? The reason I ask is our little bike struggles in altitudes over 2000m and I want to prepare.

Secondly Ive been told unfriendly men with rifles patrol route 7 around Phonsavan. Is this current info? I really want to check out the "plain of jars" but the bike just isn't fast enough to outrun bullets.

Thirdly we don't mind a bit of rough riding but I would like to stay away from deep sand and mud... These routes that bad?



Nov 17, 2004
Visa upon arrival is no problem and the border is open 7 days.

You will hit a few elevations over 2000 meters between Luang Prabang and Phou Khoum but not much more than this and only for a short time.

If you ride out to Phonsavan and back, I don't think anyone will shoot at you unless you fire first.

There is no mud on the main highways you are on and only if you venture further south than site 1 Plain of Jars.

Enjoy your ride!