Northern Bike Week 2016

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    Northern Bike Week 2016
    19 November 2016 (amended date)
  2. So where is it? I can't Read Thai?
  3. Would you believe Phi Chi Fah...
  4. Really? Well where is everyone supposed to Stay there? Camping?
  5. Is this Phi Chi Fah far away from town?
  6. There are many many GH's up at PCF.
    Far from which town?
    It's about 100 klms east of Chiang Rai, via the 1020, through Thoeng.
  7. Update
    I now believe this event is being held in Chiang Rai city at the Central Festival Beer Garden?
    Still awaiting confirmation from the organizers, exactly where.
    And the date is 19 November
    The 3rd weekend of November & 4 days after the Loy Krathong full moon.
  8. Well that wouldn't be so Bad? Great Night Out!

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