Northern Enduro Championship

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  1. Dates and location:
    7/8 June Payao
    12/13 July Utharadit
    9/10 August Pitsanulok
    12/13 September Chiang Mai

    As events are held in the rainy season, you can expect some difficult riding. But the sections are relatively short, and waiting times quite long.
    Farangs are very welcome, and for newcomers it's a great way to meet Thai racers and to connect to the Thai offroad scene.
    Classes: pro Open - Open - Lightweight 2T 125/4T250 - VIP over 35 - VIP over 45 - as well as 6 different classes for "underbone" a.k.a. "Honda dream on steroids"
  2. after the ardous event in chiang rai where a jet ski would probably have got a quicker time than a yzf. the championship returned in style( thai style) to phayao where waiting times and scorching heat aside, a pretty good event was held with over 130 bikes present. trails were interesting and varied with over an hour of competitive racing.

    some changes to the upcoming dates include uttaradit delayed until the 2-3 august. phitsanulok until the 14-15th of september and the final round in chiang mai sometime mid-october. 16-17 of the top of my head but could be wrong.

    if anyone fancies coming along they are fun events just as long as you take into account these are thai run thai events. so bring along a good reserve of patience and a sense of fun and they can be a right blast.
  3. phitsanulok cancelled in favour of an event in chiang mai rumoured to be in the doi tao area. dates as yet are unknown. will update when informed.
  4. the event will be held this weekend the 11th and 12th in doi tao area.
    if anyone is thinking of racing get in touch with me if you wanna share a lift down or something. cheers.
  5. well after a riding masterclass from shayan. thailands no.2 motocrosser, who stole the show by blitzing everones times,and with a touch of the usual controversy, the championship now moves on to mae hong son on the 7th/8th november. with most of the classes winners for the year already decided a " fun" event was promised to me by the organiser whatever that might mean!
    so anyone who wants a fun weekend away, gps tracks, or even a spot of racing, why not come along. entry fee is 600baht.

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