Northern Laos Flooding

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  1. Theres been some non stop, torrential rain resulting in flash flooding around Oudom Xai today.

    The road from Oudom Xai to Pak Beng is cut in multiple places






    Images from facebook of Pathedlao

    At Muang La the Lhakham Resort has gone under water

    How it should be

    Muang La - Accommodation



    In Nong Khiew on the Nam Ou, the Manadla Ou resort had a close shave last night but is ok now.

    You all take care out there now.

    Oudom Xai city has also had some serious flooding






    Images from various sources on Facebook
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  2. Oudom Xai south of town & some of the timber washed down...




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    11 September 2017

    A flash flood in Xieng Khuang devastated some farmlands & land around the Nam Ao dam site in Phaxay district.

    The road R1D between Pakxan & Phaxay has been cut by the flood waters.

    Many farmlands of people in Thathom district, Xaysomboun Province have been flooded following the bust of the under construction Nam Ao Hydropower Project on Sep 11.
    The 12 mw dam is located in Phaxay district, Xieng Khuang Province, Head of the Phaxay District Natural Resources and Environment Office Kongsy Nanthavong told the media on Tuesday.
    People have moved to higher ground for safe.
    The road No: D1 stretching between Paksan district in Borikhamxay Province and Phaxay district in Xieng Khuang Province has been cut off by flood water.
    Relevant officials of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment are investigating into the cause of the incident and estimating its damages. No injuries or deaths have been reported.
    The Nam Ao Hydropower Project has been being built since 2015 by the Thong Inter Company. The dam is 85 per cent completed.​

    Some amazing film of the flood is here

    More images & info in Lao here
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  4. Xaysomboun speeds up damage appraisal after flash flood

    Officials are speeding up their assessment of the damage caused by flash flooding in Thathom district, Xaysomboun province, on Monday.

    Thathom district Governor Mr Somboun Sonelitthideth told Vientiane Times on Thursday that, based on surveys so far, the situation was back to normal and no deaths or serious injuries had been reported following the incident.

    Villagers' houses were undamaged, but some crops and farmland had been affected.

    Some sections of a road measuring 200-300 meters were under red mud but undamaged after the flood. For 30 minutes vehicles were unable to use the road but officials cleared away the mud and removed trees so that it was again open to traffic.

    �Officials began surveying the affected villages yesterday and their findings will be announced in the near future,� Mr Somboun said.

    He revised the number of affected villages located downstream of the dam from where the water is thought to have originated, raising the number from four to seven.

    The torrent of water did not come from the main reservoir of the Nam Ao dam in nearby Xieng Khuang province, but from a sub-reservoir of the dam which is under construction. The dam is located three to four kilometers from the affected villages.

    The sub-reservoir suffered damage due to heavy rain which then caused flash flooding downstream in Thathom district, Xaysomboun province, Mr Somboun explained.

    �Local officials are preparing to meet with staff from the dam construction company to discuss the possibility of compensation for the villagers. They will send the results of their assessment of the damage to the company when they have completed their survey, probably within a week,� he said.

    Officials from Xieng Khuang province, the dam construction company and other departments are helping with the survey.

    The Bothong Inter Group is building the dam. Its President, Mr Chanthong Sanavanh, said the company had not yet received any reports of damage from local officials, so could not comment about any compensation.

    The dam, which is being built in Phaxay district, Xieng Khuang province, is set to generate 15MW when completed in the near future, and tests on the generation of electricity are expected to start next month, Mr Chanthong said.

    Vientiane Times
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