Northern Laos In April?

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  1. Hi All. I will have some time off over Songkran in April and I'm thinking about going to Northern Laos. I'm wondering if they suffer from the same burning issues that plague Northern Thailand at that time of the year? If so my other thought is to ride down to Singapore to visits some friends. Any opinions of Northern Laos in April?

  2. Very hot and yes.. Burning off issues :-(

    If you go to the Bolaven Plataeu... That is quite nice still.
    Paksong is around 1200 metres above sea level.

    The entire area has its own micro climate.
    So still pleasant in the stinking hot season.

    While not a big area.. should be cool with plenty of waterfalls to explore.
    Plus trails for short fun rides...

    We went down to ride along the Mekong.. It was so hot.. The next day went back to the Plateau..

    Bolaven Plateau - Wikipedia

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    Yes same same, but there are more chances of rain & thunderstorms to clear it up than in Northern Thailand I'd say.
    It wil just come down to the luck of the game when you are there - have the fires peaked or are they just about to peak.
    It will vary from area to area, so you never quite know.
    BTW I think driving there will be safer than driving in North Thailand over the Songkran period.
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  4. Thanks for the info Brian and David. And I agree David that driving in North Thailand over Songkran is not the safest thing to do. I'll look into Malaysia and Singapore instead.
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    Having said that. Plenty of drunks in Laos then too.
    My mate Tim was run off the road heading in to tad lo
    Had to help pull him out of the ditch by the side of the road

    Tad lo / pakse are full on party mode. Tad lo they open up the water on the hydro project so it is in full flow for a few days..

    Else where it was much more sedate in the south.

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