Northern Laos now--too wet???

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  1. Hello. I've done extensive motorcycle touring in N and NE Thailand and am thinking about putting together a last minute trip to Laos, starting next week. I am wondering if this is feasible given the current weather. I have ridden in N Thailand during the wet season, and it was not a major problem. But I suspect that the roads in Laos are not comparable to those of N Thailand. In Thailand, if it started raining, I could usually wait an hour or two and the rain would stop. My question is whether the same applies in Northern Laos. How are the roads? Is the rain heavy and short-lived, like in Thailand during monsoon? Should I give up the idea of taking this trip?

  2. hello MSF!

    riding in Laos now during the wet season is pretty much the same weather as here in N.Thailand.
    Depending on which route you took and what roads your planning on riding.
    if your entering at houy xai and riding too Luang nam tha you may have a long 190kms as it is all dirt, jungle road, but on a enduro, off-road bike shouldnt be too much bother.
    the roads in the north have vastly improved lately and with the exception of the road too phongsali, the main roads are mainly asphalt and shouldnt be a problem! (he says!)

    go for it you wont regret it!
    drop us a line, or check my recent report for (dry) road conditions in the north.

    good luck.................Pirip.
  3. MSF
    Most of the main roads in N Laos are asphalt.
    The only 2 dodgy dirt roads to avoid in the wet in my opinion are
    1. Huay Sai - Luang Nam Tha, which is should still be doable on a light 250
    2. Sayabouri - Hongsa
    3. Having just come back a few days ago, I can say that the road to Phongsali is ok in the wet too. But you will get miserable being up in the drizzle & clouds (Phongsali is 1700 metres high) with no views. The dirt is good gravel, although there are 2 short sections of road works, which could be greasy on the day.
    4. If you "get stuck" coming out, the you can always boat Huay Sai - Pak Beng, which is how we returned.

    What bike are you riding & where do you plan to enter / depart?
    Any chance of you contributing to the GT Rider board with some road & trip reports if you have done “extensive motorcycle touring in N & NE Thailand”?

    (My report is coming. But Phil how / where did we miss?)

    Keep the power on
  4. Yeah, I've been all over the Nan and Ubon Ratchathani and Chang Rai regions, and I've been to Mae Hong Son. But it's been 3.5 years since I've last been in Thailand. I'll try to post some trip reports, to the extent that my recollection permits.

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