Northern Laos riding partner/s welcome 23/5 -28/5

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    Hi everyone. I'll be taking off on a 6 day solo loop ride on Sat 23rd May from Vientiane (VTE). I have to be back in VTE on the night of 28th May as I will be flying out to Pakse the next morning. Anyone who wants to tag along with me up north for any part of the ride is more than welcome to. I'm a first timer in Laos, but have ridden plenty of other trails in SE Asia. Rough itinerary is probably something like this: -
    VTE – Vang Vieng – Phonsavan - Vieng Thong – Luang Prabang - Kasi/Vang Vieng – VTE

    Even if you're living or passing through any of these places during my visit, drop me a line. I'd be happy to meet you for a beer and a chat.

    Kevin Fairburn
    Sydney, Australia
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

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