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  1. Gday there, newby to GTR, researching roads and maps for a tour planned in March/April 2015 with 2 other riders. Start C Mai for Mae Hong, then good backroads to C Rai, CKhong, Nan, C Khan, Ban Phue, Udon Thani and back to C Mai.
    My question is ...Would 10 days cover this, if not we can cut back at C Khan. Also has anyone done the run from Nan to Fak Tha and onto C Khan, I see its a few klix, so is there guesthouse along the road. Obviously some things may have to give, but this ride looks great.
    Any input appreciated and recommended accom along the route would be fantastic.
  2. How fast will you ride?
    How often will you stop for photos & taking in the scenery & culture?

    You won't be able to decide until you come & take a look.

    But yes you could do all that basically just riding, & IMHO there's no doubt you will only want to comeback to see many of the same places because you skipped out so much.

    Take your time, play it as you go.

    Check these out for ideas & a rough guide



    This one will be a help too

    Good luck & please let us know how you go.
  3. Brilliant stuff Davidfl, thanks for the responses, had a quick look at the links, will get some good study over next few days. Last link is perfect , just what I'm after. On the ride, not intending to make a race of it, take in as much as we can on the scenery and people. Last ride was 1700k in Southern Highlands Vietnam, good runs but restricted on speeds a bit 50k limit. As I said, study your info ....thanks again.
  4. Cheers fdale, will look it up.
  5. Glad to be of help.
    Wow 1700 kms in Vietnam, that sounds like a good ride & trip. I'd love to see some pics & report if you've got time as it sounds a "bit alright."
  6. Cheers mate,when i figure out where to post to and can add pix or video,....Would love to let others know of the 3 rides I've done in Vietnam, all have been great runs.
  7. Some video and pix on my April ride in Vietnam. You will see on my map this is my third ride in Vietnam on self guided rides. 4
  8. Hi David, well your words have rung true, and so we have setup plans for another ride from CM retracing some steps but taking in new rides to Chiang Khan, Udon Thani and back via Sukhothai, possibly into Laos from C Khan.
    This time we have another 2 riders, so the five of us are getting things in motion for next March to do a 14 day ride. Looking forward to it.
    BTW have you done your ride into Vietnam yet, definitely a must do.

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