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    Hi everybody,
    I am planning a trip from Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand this August 4th until 14th.
    I would like to ask you a few questions:
    1) is it possible to drive the MHS loop and the roads north of Chiang Mai with a small car or do I need a 4WD?
    2) which car rental company would you suggest?
    3) 10 days are enough to make MHS loop and the area between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai?
    Thank you for the answers!
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  3. Captain Wally

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    Yes, it's possible to drive the MHS loop in any of the small cars available for rental. I find that a pick up like the Toyota Hilux Vigo is more suitable though. I prefer a manual transmission and turbo diesel on the mountain roads.

    I'd suggest Budget or Thai Rent a Car. I've used them both with no complaints.

    Budget supplies information on the more popular routes - HERE

    More is always better but 10 days is adequate to do what you propose.
  4. lomax973

    lomax973 New Member


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