Northern trains to Chiang Mai to resume full operation Dec 1, 2013

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  1. Finally! After more than 2 months the SRT is going to resume train service to Chiang Mai. Let's hope they've got the tracks sorted and no more derailments!!

    Not sure if this article really inspires confidence though... :wtf:

    BANGKOK, Nov 21 - Thailand's northern trains are to resume service December 1 after a more than two month closure for rail maintenance, the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) head said today.
    SRT Governor Prapas Chongsa-nguan confirmed the reopening of northbound train services after the SRT temporarily closed a significant stretch of the popular rail route between Sila At in Uttaradit to the railhead in Chiang Mai since September 16 for maintenance following a number of derailments.


    The SRT governor said the maintenance work is 90 per cent completed. Most important, he said, is the installation of barricades in four tunnels to prevent the fall of a train if it derails, as well as installing ventilation to allow passengers to walk through the tunnels to the exit if an accident occurs.
    Most rail maintenance has also been done. All work will be complete by the end of this month and the northern train service will resume operation December 1.
    Mr Prapas said defective rails have been removed in the maintenance. However he noted that SRT's locomotives are quite old and some spare parts are no longer produced.
    The SRT is seeking to buy new locomotives, with new engines to be used for the northern trains, he said, emphasing that there will not be frequent accidents as in the past.

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  2. Well Fingers Crossed! I have done this Trip quite a few Times on the Overnight Train and Great Fun with a Few Mates! A Real Party Train!!!
  3. ^ Fingers crossed and 2.8 billion baht is apparently not enough to keep the trains on the tracks here...

    Train with SRT chief on board derails

    A rail trip by State Railway of Thailand (SRT) governor Prapat Chongsanguan to show off the safety of the reopened northern track, following major repairs after a spate of derailments, instead became a huge embarassment on Monday when the train carrying him derailed in Lamphun.


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  4. Incredible! How embarrassing is that!

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