Northern Vietnam on a Honda Win?

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    I'm actually travelling from HCMC towards North and am in Hue at the Moment.I want to finish the HCM Trail and then like to drive to the Mountains in the North (Son la , dien bien phu , lao cai, ha giang , cao bang) before arriving in Hanoi.
    Is that possible on a honda win?
    how many days should i expect to take (14 days for the north is max)
    The bike is doing really well,had no breakdowns,no problems and i'm treating it well.
    I know that most of the users here drive "real" motorbikes :) but i would be very thankful if someone has experiences or can give some advice about travelling how i intend to do.

    i really fell in love with the bike,the country and the people i met up to now and i want to see the mountains in the north as well, especially cause i liked the central highlands the most up to know.

    I'm in vietnam since the 25 of december and since the 2 of january i'm on the road.

    if somebody would like to join as a travel buddy (I'm from germany,30y,funny social guy,neither stupid racing nor a turtle.. )or has interest in buying a great bike incl. the newest version of the bando roadmap,raingear,good helmet,and gloves... in hanoi around the 13-17 of february send me a message :wink:


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    Ups :D .. i meant now of course
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    Hi rod,
    thanks for advice,will look it up.the road is getting better as you reach buon ma thout,but is quite ok most of the time.went hw 14 via dong xoai,gia nghia,buon ma thout,pleiku,kon tum.. great!!! Detailed trip report with video and pic is following end of feb..

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