Northlaos Trip 1996 From Chiang Mai To Pak Beng.

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    See the old Road from Houay Xay to Udom Xay and more.

    Video Start in Chiang Khon Houay Xay, See the old road not paved from Houxay to Luang Namthan, . Next by 19.15 village people start a party for us on the road 15 km before Udom Xay Village name Conoi. 24.20 arrived in Udom Xay. When we have dinner in a very very low hotel a tief climing over the roof broke the window from one room and stol a camera. Next day from Udom Xay to Pak Beng. 28.30 we saw many big poppy flower fields old woman work in it. 31.00 arrived in Pak Beng. There was only a 6 star hotel. But the stars only in the sky. Inside and outside so very low and dirty. Shower outside. The water was cold but it was ok. 34,50 nice restaurant too ha ha. 34.00 the adventure began in the morning. Loading two jeeps and 9 motorbikes on the transport ship and start the tour on the Mekong river back to Thailand. 2 days and 2 nights. Back to Chiang Khong.

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    Lovely bit of video from a country that was once the poorest in the world, we too were in Laos in 1995, we entered through Houay Xai and rode through to Boten then into China, up into Jinghong then back to Boten and down to Oudom Xai, then, because of very poor weather were forced to go to Pak Beng, then by a cargo boat most of the way back to Houay Xai, we were a group of four riders on a mixture of AX1s and Honda Bajas, it certainly was an adventure!
  4. Another old video about Laos Motorbike trips.


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