Northwest Vietnam Sapa Loop

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  1. Hi,

    I took this ride to Northwest Vietnam a while ago. Here are some photos.

    Route: Hanoi -> Mai Chau -> Dien Bien Phu -> Sapa -> Hanoi
    Distance: ~1000km
    Reference: Lonely Planet Vietnam,
    Bike: Sports Minsky from Cuong at US$6 per day
    Comments: Excellent scenery, fun winding roads into the mountains.
    Full Report: Northwest Vietnam Sapa Loop trip

    Map of North Vietnam and route taken

    Roads to Mai Chau

    Friendly locals posing for a photo. Mai Chau town is in the background.

    Lac village (White Thai minority)

    Roads to Dien Bien Phu, troublesome ride

    Enjoying the view..

    Oops, hit a rock and fell. Gear pedal got stucked but a helpful villager later helped me knock it back to a working position

    Riding through the villages

    Friendly village kids

    Beautiful scenery en route to Sapa

    Fancy a stay in the clouds?
  2. great photos belagarthc, looks amazing up there.
    what time of year were you there? im considering a trip there myself but not sure whether or not to hold out for a better month.

    looking at the map you put up, does anyone know if it is possible to go from ha giang to cao bang direct?
  3. Hi honda honky,

    I was there in June 2006. Besides some drizzles, the weather was fine. I am not sure if there is direct road access from Ha Giang to Cao Bang.

    I saw your other thread about renting a scooter. If it's possible to rent a Honda scrambler in Hanoi, I think it would be a better choice.
  4. Hello belagarthc,

    did you see any sidecars? I´love to do Vietnam but I can´t ride a 2 wheeler ( bad leg)

  5. pico,

    When I was there, Cuong did have a motorbike with a sidecar. But I do not think it's for hire.


    I have seen foreigners driving a 4WD. Why not give it a consideration?

    Happy Feet,
    Unfortunately, I do not have that many photos of Sapa. I was there for only 1 night. Why not post yours over here? :wink:
  6. doing the loop in dec! how was the weather?

    how long did you take for the loop?

    any advise?:)
  7. Was in Sapa last December .. temperature dropped to 5 degrees C at night ...

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