Norway, Lysebotn pass

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  1. Saturday me and a mate decided to ride the Lysebotn mountain pass, which is well known in the area for beautiful scenery and a very nice road. The cool thing with this particular mountain pass is that there is a tunnel up the pass with a 180 degree hairpin in it.

    Here is a picture seen from above where there is a rest stop and restaurant.

    This is at the bottom of Lysefjorden, which is also where you will find the Pulpit Rock (a huge flat rock you can walk out on balancing 600 meter over the fjord below) and Kjerag Bolten ( a rock between two mountain faces you can stand on and look 1000 meter right down to the fjord. In other words cool stuff.

    To do a fantastic loop, you can start from Stavanger, take a ferry to Lysebotn and ride a very nice loop back to Stavanger. I wanted to take more pictures, BUT it was so much fun riding these roads I just could not stop. Next time I will take more pictures.

    Here is a picture from the bottom of the fjord, is it photoshop, photo cheat or two bikes looks the same?

    Cheers and take care.
  2. Wow, amazing looking road . Looks like the surface is in near perfect condition. A far cry from those in Indo China
  3. Hi schackster,

    Yes the roads are in mint condition, I should take more pictures further up as you go into highlands with brilliant scenery for miles. This is one of my favorite roads in the area.

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