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    One of the VFW , members died recently, he had a Bangkok Bank account with an ATM card. She went to withdraw money she must have mentioned that her husband died bad move. The will tell you that your wife can have access to the money. What they don't tell is after all the lagalities have been gone thought I assume.

    I'm guessing on some one this these people had been married for years, so it wasn't a matter of trust, she actually handled the budget any way. So I believe it was account for immigration, as you can be the only person that on account. They Bank wouldn't allow access to the account to her, they cancelled and siezed her ATM card. Who knows how long before she will have access to that money. In the meantime she has to live somehow.

    I saw the chances of my Bank in States stood a veryy good chance of failing. I didn't want to pay $4.50 everythime I accesed me account. So i ahd already started the process of moving my major retiremnt to the Bank of Bangkok in New York. First they sold me an ATM card, when I brought the documents in to make the cahnge with them. They demanded the ATM card back that had not been used. Siezed the card I ahd for whooping two weeks. Never had been used.

    I hold told the clerk when she insisted I take the card that I could not have an ATM card on that account, I knew eventually that my Social Security would go into that account as well as my major retirement. She would not listen to waht I said so they got there fee. Never offered to reimburse me. But, this was only one of the problems they fought me all the way. I had done he research before I did this I knew I couldn't have ATM card on the Account nor could my wifes name be on the account. She would not listen so they made their fee and angered in the process. Came time to sign my retirement documents.

    The Bangkok Bank in Bangkok got involved in this as I insisted they sign my documents, that is what my retirement will accept. The woman I talked to on the phone she was demanding and arrogant treated me as if I were some drunken farrang. Which of course made me feel all the better.

    I fianlly gave up and went to my attorney, what I didn't know he also represented Bangkok Bank in htis area. He made three phone calls. Things almost got back on track, noww he charged for me a cup of coffee for this. I Go back to the bank that afternoon as I had been intsurcted, the bank manager had disappeaered who I was told would assit me. He assigned an account clerk They still refused to sign the documents after the chaos already had rolled down hill.

    I don't like abusing busineness people so I didn't want to go back to the Attorney. I knew he would charge me I also know he has to make living like everyone else, and handling this for me was taking away from his billing time. So I contacted the the branch in New york I was assured that Bangkok would contact me and arrange for the documents to be signed.

    A week went by no contact contacted New York again, they said they had notified Bangkok. The following day I got a call from a very angry lady in Bangkok wanted to know if

    Lets see I wnr trough just for phone man I simply know haow these people think after seven years here. But I do know if they are wriong you can take them yto task. Which was exactly was prepared to do no mater waht it took. This the third incidnet where thye had failed to provide what I needed. One for immigartion in tha lat week they refuse to do the sameletter they had doen four years. The other my retirement needed a doucument signed that I was still alive. There I I am setting in front of the same manager, passport, drivers license and housebook. He called Bangkok then refused to sign it. i ended up having to have it notorized. Thats is ridicules.

    Now I went through all of this to put money in there darn Bank. They have stated that a widow will not have access to your funds upon your death. I beleive it. This of course after reassuring everyone that she would get the money.

    With my experience I have resloved my situation, I keep 1K baht in that bank. I withdraw the money a soon a it credited to the accunt. Take to SCB, put in the immigration account. Give my wife the household budget. Disburse the money to wife for account which is the household budget. Any extra money is put into a joint savings account.

    My visa is always will be based on monthly income, a long as you have a bank that will write the immigration lette properly you won't have a problem. Thailand is a very harsh place without money I refuse to leave my family in that position upon my death from Bangkok Bank or anyother entity.

    Up to now I have kept my mouth shut, I am no one to tell other people how to do their business. Never know maybe I just ticked them off cause I would not kiss thier feet, so be it that's me. But this is now effecting othe people so I ahev told you waht happened and what you do is your business.

    This is not a rant problems have already been resolved a month ago, these are just facts as I personally know them.

    We gave the phone number of our attorney to the lady I really hope things are resolved for her. If I hear anything else and I won't from my attorney, he treats his clients business confidentially. I will update this.
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    Really sad to hear your strugle in BKK bank, but i can say that you are not the only one, i have several friends who been treated lower than cocarochas in they braches,,,

    I and wifey have our account in Kasikorn now more than 10yrs and allways been trated very nicely and never had any problems, they even offering loans to me with no problems even they know that i dont have work permit in Thailand, but they answer for that is no problem.

    Never been forced to take ATM card was offered complimentary Visa card and Inet banking, i have to say im more than happy with them.
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    Unfortunately for me it's the only place you can do a direct deposit from the states. But protection of your family is the real message.
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    We have the same experience with Kasikorn bank as you Marco, only good things to say.
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    Not a bank issue guys I probably should have left my experiences out. Make sure things are sit up so your family can live until the things get resolved.
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    Ray, but all thai banks has same protection procedures.
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    Yes and the point is to make arrangements before hand, a simple transfering funds to a joint account stops the problem. I probably wrote this poorly now that is really unusual for me :roll:
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    I used to have BKB but they messed me up to much now use Kasikorn and SCB .

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