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  1. Air New Zealand crew strip off to present 'bare essentials of safety'

    i'm one of those who never watch safety demos in the plain, but i watched this 3min28Sec vido all the way :wink:

    An airline is hoping to keep passengers watching when it screens its pre-flight safety film - by using naked cabin crew to put the message across.
    The men and women, all genuine employees, are the stars of a safety video produced by Air New Zealand. It was intended for internal flights but has become an internet hit after a copy was posted on the YouTube website.
    The three-minute film called The Bare Essentials of Safety shows a male first officer, two male pursers, a female purser and a female flight attendant dispensing advice
  2. This is the rule that made me giggle;

    Not that there would be lesbos in the Navy :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Funny thing is, a mate of mine was an officer in the Navy and told me about the 'ships log' with similar details... except the officers were smart enough to lock it in the ships safe as soon as they entered a port...


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