Not Dead Yet, But Been A Bit Preoccupied!

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  1. Must apologise for lack of presence here last couple of years.

    Mainly caused by nearly all my time and finance being tied up with finding a bit of land in Doi Saket, designing a simple house, raising money, getting it built and finally moving in end of last year and settling in, gardening etc.

    Not really subjects for GTR, hence lack of posts

    Now looking to get back out again and so will keep an eye out to see what is going on. Cheers John
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  2. Hi John

    Good to hear from you again and delighted that you've been using your time constructively, so to speak! :)

    I've been in the same situation, albeit in a different province, after buying a 1/2 acre lot 4 years ago. Lots of manual labour on landscaping and plantings, and a 2 year house building project. We moved in last September...

    We could actually start a House Building forum if it was of value? :idea:
  3. Hi Ben,
    Happy to know you are still involved. I will have to get over your way sometime and compare notes
  4. Gday John & welcome back.

    Good to know you've got yourself a bit of land & a house now.
    Well done,

    It's a long long time since we last met - what bike(s) are you riding now?
  5. Cheers David,
    Not been riding much last 20 months for reasons stated and my decent bikes went to help pay for the project. Now getting back going again with a 2007 F650GS that I have done quite a lot of work on and now its a goer for decent tour trips. And also and suprising myself against an internal prejudice, a Benelli TNT300. I cannot find much opinion about this bike apart from "Oh no its Chinese", but I am impressed, its a great little runaround with more character than the Jap 300's. So far after 15 months and 4000km its wearing very well. Interested to know if anyone else here has one. tnt300.
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  6. Good to hear you are still among the living ! Wondered what happened to you. We also live in the Doi Saket area - will have to meet for a coffee one day.
  7. Look forward to getting together, welcome for coffee at my place, or local coffee shop. If you know Papas garden, resort gym and swimming pool, turning left out of Papas, we are in the first Soi on the left side, second house on left. Mobile 0818825122. Cheers, John
  8. Thanks John. We live down that same road - Ban Pa Yang Ngam - neighbors ! Arrive back from work mid November. Getting some medical issues sorted here before I return.
  9. All the best with the medical stuff. See you when back here in the cooler dryer season. Great riding weather
  10. Have wondered some time from afar where you are. Pleased to read all's well.
  11. Cheers, Rob, missing your unique ride reports, any chance you are back here sometime, or are you still doing reports for some other region. I have only just started reading and catching up again?
  12. Living in Bora Bora - great place for trip reports but not of the motor-bike kind!
  13. Our builder, Doi Saket properties, Ben, and his partner Khun Song, both live in your village. Khun Songs wife has a shop next to the soi where Bens house is. Opposite side of the road from us,
    The above is a bit confusing, should have been attached to the post from Canthai, definitely not in Bora Bora
  14. Long time, no see !
    Like the others above I have to say: Good You are back !
    I suspected before that You were a man with good taste, seeing this thread I got it confirmed.
    I just had to post this picture from my last trip in april.
  15. Thank you.It is good to see that I am not the only person in Thailand riding one of these. Are you happy with yours? I have very few gripes about mine. Heavy clutch is one of them. Looking forward to see how good reliability is. Fine so far. And finish is also holding up well.
  16. GDay John
    Are you up for a cuppa next week?
    I maybe mobile enough to get out for one close by in mae rim.
  17. Hi David,
    Glad you are up and about, sort of. I would be delighted to join you somewhere reachable for you some day next week. Just drop me a message when you know how you are feeling and want to go for it.

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