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  1. brat

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    Just going through the paperwork to ship the Uly to KL in late October. We plan on being in Northern Thailand in mid-November, looking forward to putting faces to names!
    Chris & Natalie.

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  3. scot harper

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    Hi brat,post all the ins an outs of the logistics, from Oz to KL. who are you useing as freight forward agents, cost, and if they suck,or there trumps.How are you crat'n the uly up?
    Regards Scott
  4. brat

    brat Ol'Timer

    Definitely Scot, this board and the people on here have been both a help and a motivator for me, the least I can do!

    "growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional!"
  5. brat

    brat Ol'Timer

    Shipping Quote info....
    Quote 1

    Pickup From: BRISBANE
    Destination Country: MALAYSIA
    Destination Port: PORT KELANG

    Parcel 1 : Actual kg weight 130 kg - Cubic Meters 2.05 cbm

    Total Actual Weight: 130 kg
    Total Volumetric Weight: 2.05 Cubic Metres

    Rate per CBM: $ 93.75
    Freight Charge: $ 192.19
    Transit Time: 12 Days
    Pick up Charge: $ 93.50 (inc. GST)
    Documentation Fee: $ 93.50 (inc. GST)
    Fuel Surcharge: $ 0.00

    Total Price: $ 379.19
    GST Included: $ 17.00


    The total cost for the shipment including Pickup, Bill of lading Completion, Customs Export Documentation, Terminal Handling, Seafreight, to PORT KELANG (wharf/depot) is: AU $ 379.19

    (Import duties, taxes and storage, where applicable, are not included and will be charged to the account of the consignee.)

    This quotation excludes Marine Insurance, however marine insurance is available on request.

    Total Cost of shipment in after currency conversion to Australian Dollars: $379.19

    Quote 2

    Bikefreight: AUD$485.00 (includes loading into container) Approx 18 days.
    Dox, Agency & Export Clearance: AUD$225.00
    Inbound clearance & Delivery to Depot charges Port Klang: USD$625.00

    Below is some info from my agent for you to do the clearance of the Carnet when
    leaving. Rest assured my best attention at all times.

    We are unable to provide Carnet write off service it has to clear at the customs
    station at Malaysia/Thailand boarder which we do not have an office there and is
    too far away from our Penang office. The owner can do it himself at the customs
    check point Or he can get travel agent which has some counter there to assist him
    and he just have to pay them some service fee.

    Pls note that the above charges excluding Goods-In-Transit Insurance.

    "growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional!"
  6. brat

    brat Ol'Timer

    I'm trying to get a handle on these, the second quote has US$625 import costs into Malaysia? Has anyone paid this sort of money, why have a Carnet???

    "growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional!"
  7. Tom Forde

    Tom Forde Ol'Timer

    Hi Brat,
    The Carnet is invaluable as you venture further,the Malaysian/Thai border will be your first entry into the Carnet,the officers there are friendly and helpful and the first thing you will find is the Thai girls smiling at you when the do the paperwork.
    Remember the Carnet is their insurance that you don't sell your bike and runaway without paying the relevant taxes.
    I spent a year up their and had no troubles crossing borders with a Carnet, even though some Asian countries don't recognise them, don't forget you have to come back to Oz sometime!

    Tom Forde

    Once u go Asian, forget about Caucasian
  8. brat

    brat Ol'Timer

    Hi Tom, I've been told by AAA that the carnet is only used by the malaysian and Singapore governments, hard to justify the cost ($800 au) to travel through Malaysia!

    2% of 150% of bike value plus $350 issue cost plus $200 refundable deposit! I've valued the bike at $15,000. Therefore either $22,500 in trust plus $350, or $800 becomes expensive!

    "growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional!"

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