Now a KTM Triumph dealer in Pattaya

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  1. Currently, at Pattaya's Central Festival mall, through July 4th 2013, is a large car and motorcycle show, located on the ground and 1st floors.
    Of note, is that Watchara Marine ( is displaying KTM, Triumph, and Yamaha bikes, as they have just added
    the KTM and Triumph lines to their existing Yamaha dealership in Pattaya. The dealership is located on the inland side of Sukhumvit, just past
    Thepprasit Rd, and directly cross the street from Tesco Lotus South.
    Watchara, will also have a dealership in Phuket in about 4-5 months (KTM only), and later in Surat Thani (KTM, Triumph).
    Prices will likely coinside with the other dealers, elsewhere in Thailand, who also represent these brands.

    Some (mediocre) photos of the Watchara display and bikes:











    I was intrigued by the KTM 350cc Freeride, designed as a combination trials and off-road bike. Weighing just under
    100kg, but costing 479K-Bt and it cannot be _legally_ licensed in Thailand.


    And for KTM fan, here's a 50cc starter bike for the children. Only 179K-Bt....


    The manager told me of a guy who visited the show, today. He wanted a Triumph Bonneville, but he couldn't decide
    on which he bought two Bonnevilles! It must be nice...(sigh).

    And, oh, the many high priced KTM branded accessories. Key chains, riding gear, a dog dish, KTM only parking sign,
    stickers, a mold for making 'KTM' logo ice cubes, and a KTM toaster (a mere 3K-BT!), etc. These are made by various
    independent manufacturers, under license from KTM. I suggested that maybe the manager and I can partner up
    and see if KTM will license us to make a KTM labeled dildo or vibrator. After all, KTM's don't vibrate like thumpers! :)


    Price sheets:
  2. Interesting is KTM big in Thailand ? I test rode the new 1190 ktm adventure and thought it was a fantastic bike thinking of buying one and riding it to Thailand next year .
    Thanks and safe riding
  3. FWIW...
    If you are planning on buying a KTM 1190 in Thailand, where Thai duty makes KTM prices very costly, then you might consider
    buying from the new KTM dealership in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
    Major saving over Thai prices...BUT....
    As it will be a Cambodian registered bike, it can only stay in Thailand a _max_ of up to 6-months.
    You'd need leave Thailand prior to 6-months, go back to Cambo and renter Thailand for another 6-month stay.

    Link to posts about the KTM Cambodia shop
    Shop Manager
    Srun Sreang (Seila)
    +855 23 988 585
    +855 69 903 777
  4. Thanks ,I was more thinking if I bought one in the UK and then rode it over next year from the uk about getting it serviced /fixed etc lot of electronics on the 1190 .It sounds ok when I get that far :) its the bits in between I may need to worry about.
    Cheers and safe riding
  5. I would take Ducatti Panigale 899 for 759k witch exhaust on it, then this...

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