Now someone has stabbed my daughters horse!!!

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  1. just had a call from the stables where my daughters horse Zimbad is kept and someone broke in and stabbed him 5 times with a pair of scissors ,police and vet is on the scene and my wife and daughter are now on the way ,,,I cant believe this after all the crap of the last week ..
  2. Crazy! Jealousy or one of your daughters rivals/competitors perhaps? Sure hope they catch the perps and let you and a set of golf clubs have your way with them for an hour or two. One thing I can't stand are people who harm innocent/defenseless animals. No excuse for that shit, just cowards of the worst kind!
  3. The vet says that there are 10 distinct wounds , looks like large scissors ,, they are deep 10cm between the ribs but no major blood vessesl ,stomach and intestines seem ok ,,Zinbad has been stitched up and put on Antibiotics and a mild sedative ,,vet says he will need monitoring for several days and an to see if he is OK ???

    there are 148 horses in Chom View Stables at present and only Zimbad was attacked ...make me wonder ,, but as yet no ideas
  4. Holy shit is this the best week?

    I think it is time to do something about your karma, go to a temple and have all the negative karma washed away, go stay in a temple for a week, be blessed by a famous monk.
    (I put this as a joke but my wife would seriously mean it)

    And rest assured the person(s) attacking you, your family and your horse will reincarnate worse as a street dog.
  5. Well as i suspected it had to be an insider and sure enough one of the stable boys a 27 year old Thai man has been arrested ,,he admits he did it because the horse bit him after he hit Zimbad , when he would not get out of his stall for a muck out .

    Very stupid person , and obviously not an animal lover , the rest of the staff are horrified and they are very caring people , the stable owners are picking up all the bills for the Zimbads care .
  6. Went down to Rayong Court today the guy was up in front of the judge on a charge of malicious wounding and criminal damage , seems thailand does not have cruelty to animals laws ,,

    he was fined 2000 baht and 6 months jail suspended !!!

    however after the court case police handed him over to 3 guys from the RTA kings Guard division who are cavalrymen who are responsible for 30 Army horses undergoing training at the stables concerned ,,,,,,they administered a severe thrashing with riding crops , and he has also been told that all riding stables in Thailand there are not that many have been sent copies of his ID and photos so he will never work in Equestrian area ever again .

    Justice done ,, Zimbad will make a full recovery but cant be ridden for about 6 weeks in until the wounds have fully healed .
  7. The judges suspended sentence just shows how little most Thai's care about animals or anything but other Thai's...
  8. yes agree but he had made a full confession which always helps in thailand for reduced sentence .
  9. thistreadisworthleewithoutpics1

    Just sayin... :happy1:
  10. Sorry for your and your family troubles.

    I don't want to pursue the karma idea, however the probability that 3 aggressions happen within this short period in Thailand cannot be by chance alone. It is more likely that they are interrelated, the horse being easy traceable, lowest cost and lowest risk target. Hope only the original intention has been satisfied, else there might be more ...
    The 'public' beating reminds me on an episode abroad where 2 overland buses from competing companies damaged my car through reckless driving. The drivers vanished, the involved companies paid for the damage of my car and as a personal compensation police invited me to the prison, to attend a caning of a low cast prisoner. not involved in the case at all but hired by the bus company to appease my anger. By the way , this prisoner volunteers as often as possible in order to financially support his family outside prison!
  11. Agreed. But not only pics. I would have kicked back with some popcorn and thoroughly enjoyed a video of the horse whipping bit. If all this is actually true and factual, he deserved every lash and then some.
  12. A horse named Zimbad! deadhorse.gif

  13. Sorry to hear about your daughter's horse. T

    The moron got off light form the court- but I like the street justice he received from the Thai Cavalrymen :)

    I'm still in-country but after my bike was stolen and was basically laughed at by the BiB I don't have that warm and fuzzy feelin no mo...

    Again, glad you got some justice.
  14. Billy ,, we only got justice of a sort due to having some influential Hiso Thais involved ,and the fact that the attack on Zimbad was so close to horses belonging to the Royal Military units ,due to the Horse riding connections in other situations i think damn all would happen , the other incidents in BKK we were lucky to have some help from our hosts at the polo Club .

    As for a VIDEO of the punishment handed out by the 3 military chaps , dont think they even thought about it and would it be wise thing to have ??? not likely a dodgy thing to have around in these heightened political situation s.

    i have got my balance of mind back now and am chilled out about it all and enjoying thailand again TIT .

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