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  1. The price for nuvi 203 and 205W (wide screen/tracks) decreased. :D
    Now: nuvi 203 - 7.900,- THB, (inc. VAT)
    nuvi 205W - 12.900,- THB (inc. VAT)
    Prices inc. Thai map (Eng. and Thai)
  2. Tomorrow the last day of the promotion for nuvi 203 and nuvi 205W. The prices will increase again.
    Pls. don't ask me why ;)
  3. Interesting! Does that mean I am better off buying a new GPS instead of updating my Garmin 276c for some 12.000 plus the cost of a new and bigger memory chip???

  4. Not necessarily. It still can be a bit cheaper.
    The nuvi 203 is not recommended for motorcycle use. Although I know some people use them on bikes. But then you have to spend some $ on bike mount and cover as the nuvi is not waterproof.
    In case of the 276C the problem is the memory cartridge which is very unusual (not available in TH at the moment) and expensive. Similar thing to SONY: interface cables, batteries or memory cards ;)
    I am glad that Garmin changed this policy in other models.

    So, in your case you would have to spend about 6.000 THB on the memory + map update. Or .... 7.900,- for not motorcycle friendly nuvi 203 + mount + case + time to make it work together :p . Or ... time to change the unit.
    I just got the zumo 660 ;)
  5. Promotion extended until 16 Aug. :)
  6. Helpful, tks.

    can you give specific info on what the ESRI thailand map update actually updates, changes/ improves? Ought to be substantial, if the update alone is some 10.000 b
    For how much does the Zumo 660 go (not listed on your web site) and what do I get compared to the 276c? THe new ESRImap PLUS ???
  7. In the new version you will find more POI ( around 500.000), addresses and telephone numbers (over 10.000 more). There were road adjustments and additional data for about 10.000 km all around Thailand. Some LOGOs of important companies are displayed.
    The ZUMO 660 is not placed on our website as it is for special orders only. For the price I will send you an e-mail if you don’t mind.
    ZUMO 660: What's in the Box:
    * zūmo 660
    * Preloaded City Navigator® Europe (full coverage)
    * MapSource® City Navigator Europe NT DVD (full unlock)
    * Motorcycle mount with integrated power cable and mounting hardware
    * Carrying case
    * Battery pack
    * Automotive suction cup mount
    * Automotive power cable
    * USB cable
    * Dashboard disk
    * Quick start manual
    Got some pictures (not on the bike though) - would you like me to post them?
  8. 500K POI's from Thailand or pre installed European map?

    and just wanna clarify, is 660 include thai map?
    as it's not included in your list, so i assume it will be pre installed and Euporean map will be gone?
  9. The information I posted above is about the latest ESRI map - v.9.

    The ZUMO 660 is not sold by ESRI, so no Thai map preloaded :(
    But it comes with preloaded map for Europe or USA.
    The Thai map can be ordered from ESRI (usually 3-5 days) - in English only, and the map updates will be free during 1 year.

    There is no problem to use the Thai map on the micro card, so the preloaded map won't be overwritten.

    to not mix two subjects, I will post the information about ZUMO 660 with the new subject :)
  10. Thanks ,

    guess I need to ride another 100 years before I have exhausted the limits of my present map. I like surprises , even on the form of wrong turns. However, up to now next to zero.
    Will happily squander the money with Joe. better ROI

    Hope I don't insult eaglegps, am really appreciative of good product info.

  11. No probs Pico. I am always trying to help. Not all is about $ ;), I appreciate more happy people around me :)
  12. having met you in person I believe that this is a genuine statement !
  13. Yes, my Esri card is 2 years old , therefore no free update anymore.
    Thks for the hint re: 85$ memory. To that I have to add the new updated Esri version, some 10.000b.

    I decided that the cost/benefit or as I call it the cost/fun relationship is not right.
  14. Thanks for your thoughts.

    But the 276c seems to be a strange animal. My memory slipped the update is 1200 not 12.000b.

    EagleGPS went out of their way to help=

    In case you bought the map (or the unit with the map) less than a year ago,
    the update will be free.
    Otherwise, the cost of the update is app. 1.200,- THB (may have to add some
    shipping charges - I will confirm the price before your purchase).

    ESRI confirmed that the map for 276C
    is about 140 MB - more than for nuvi series. So actually 256 MB would be
    enough. ESRI does not have this memory in stock. I am afraid the cartridge is quite expensive :(. I will confirm the prices as soon as I have some
    I am really sorry for all the troubles you have pass trough. We will try to
    work it out.
    In the meantime ESRI is sending your GPS back.

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