NW Vietnam then Hanoi to HCMC write up

Discussion in 'Vietnam - Motorcycle Trip Report Forums' started by Roly, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. These forums were a fantastic resource for me when planning my Vietnam trip, (thanks!) so I thought I would share my write up -


    - I'm happy for people to ask me questions about the trip, although I am sure there are more experienced people floating around these parts.

    I'll be going on at least one more trip in the future, next time with a serious focus on recording sound effects, but for now it's just a dream...
  2. Loved it! May there be many more! Ride on!
  3. Great report and photos Roly. Look forward to your next installment.
  4. Awesome! I'll be on those roads in a little under a week. :D

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