NZ Riders Trip One.

Sep 19, 2006
The Group of 9 New Zealanders arrived on the 12th June ready for 10 days of Biking. I had Brought 9 Brand New "Pantera XRA 250" Bikes, actually 230cc. Total of 7 Riders and 2 along for the Trip in the Support Truck carrying our Gear and a Spare Bike. The 7 Riders all own either CRF250X, CRF450X or XR650R back in NZ so a Big Down Grade for them!!! Surprisingly they had very little Bad to say so thanks for that!!!
13th June Shakedown day;

Aaron with the New Bikes, "Calm before the Storm"

Arrival of the Gang!!!
For a Shake down Ride i took the Guys into the Jungle behind the
X-Centre and Off Road to Huay Tung Thao the Lake where we stopped for a few Beers.

Half way to the Lake.

Meeting the Pickup at the Lake.

At the Lake.
All went well so looking good.
14th Shakedown 2.
For this Ride we went up to Pong Yang and turned off up through the Royal Project, This is where we got our first Taste of Rain.

Huddling into a Bank for Shelter.
Had Rain for most of the day. We went through to Doi Suthep then back down the Road to Mae Rim. Still had a Great Ride.

Testing the Pantera! This is Peter who has a CRF450X at home and can Wheel Stand almost anything. He is going around in circles here.
15th First Trip.
Left the X-Centre about 10am and took the Long Ride through Samoeng up to Wat Chan. While it is a bit boring there is still lots to see and Varying conditions. Refueled and had a Snack and we were ready to go.

From Wat Chan we headed straight Off-Road coming out at Pang Ung then on to Khun Yuam.

Real Muddy Section.

Time to Regroup at the Top.
This Section from Wat Chan to Khun Yuam was only 81.75 km in distance but a Terrific Ride with almost every condition you can get in Thailand. Top Stuff.

We got to Meet some of the Locals on the Way which the Guys enjoyed.
The last stretch was on the Tar where i came across a Snake. My intention was to get him off the Road before he was hit but once i picked him up i saw he was already Terminal so i put the Poor Bugger out of his Misery after this photo was taken.

I don't enjoy seeing any Wildlife killed!
At Khun Yuam we spent the night at Ban Farang which was quite OK. I spent some time trying to get one Bikes back brake to work but resorted to taking the Master Cylinder off the Spare Bike. Many Beers and out like a light. Good Weather all Day!
16th Day 2,
Up early, It had Been Raining like Hell since about 5 am so i expected the worst! Breakfast and off we went. Headed down 108 for 40 or so kms to Mae La Luang where we turned Off-Road heading in and up. This is an Amazing Stretch again with every imaginable Condition from Gravel, Sand, Dirt, Mud and Rock. I let the Guys go ahead and they just stopped when they came to any fork or were unsure of which Direction. Judging by the Marks left on the Trail they had a Ball. I witnesses some Impressive Skills from these Guys. I was probably the worst Rider out there!!! We went up through Kok Luang where we stopped and were Mobbed by the Locals.

Not to many Tourists come through here!!!
We carried on until we got a Flat front Tyre, As we were repairing it some Locals turned up and some Drunk Guy had wiped off his Dream with a Boy on the Back who had skinned up his Stomach, Knees etc. Poor little Guy was real unhappy till the Guys set to work on him with the First Aid Kit.

The Rider was more interested in Drinking more Lao Kao which some other Locals supplied.
On again we went up to Doi Mae Om Lan where we were running good on time so stopped at the little Village on top of the mountain for some drinks and do some Repairs to one of the Bikes after a Nasty Wipe out, Only cosmetic straighten out the Rear sub Frame which was pointing out the side. Up in the Mist we were and had a Huge Shower of Rain come through so a Good choice to stop!
On the Road again, this time on Broken up and erroded Tar. The Errosion on the ride down was amazing they must have had Serious Rain in the last 6 months a real Mess. Beautiful Ride coming down into Mae Chaem. Fantastic Views.

The Guys with Doi Inthanon in the Clouds behind them.
We went through town and Stayed at Navasoung Resort which we Basically took over!!! We were even Lucky enough to be Graced with the Arrival of the Muppets Justin and Luke who had came in Via Doi Inthanon bringing along sidekick Chris, Don't know much about this Guy as he was never off his Phone long enough to talk to anyone? Had a great night and many Beers again. Caught a small Snake in one Bathroom and had a Scorpion hanging out at the Stairase to the Restaurant so plenty of Wild Life!!!
This section of Ride from Khun Yuam to Mae Chaem was 156 km and one of the Best Rides all the Way. Again Blessed with Great Weather and Conditions!!!
17th day 3.
Prepairing to leave the Resort in the morning.

Look closely at Chris on the far right, Strange set up he had, Screamin 2 stroke Yamaha 200 and for Safety Gear Knee Pads etc with School shoes??? Started out having a Ball Back through town and followed the Trail running along the River up to Na Hong, really scenic. From here we doubled back down the Road through Mae Na Chon where we had a break refueled then off for a short distance before turning left and Off-Road into the Hills. This is where it got really Messy. With the Inclusion of the Muppets and Screamin Chris riding with the group they managed to turn everything into a Contact Sport!!! There were Guys banging into each other all over the place after a couple of Big Offs and one Badly Sprained Thumb i had to Put the Dampers on things for the sake of safety. The Object is Fun not Injury and none of us could afford to get Hurt. The Guys all took it well and we all carried on back to Samoeng and on to Mae Rim. Still a great day. From Mae Chaem back to the X-Centre in Mae Rim was 169km.Perfect Weather again, Lucky Buggers!!!
Just to show the Guys in the Support Truck. Here they are checking out a Road Slip. They reckon they had a Better time than us and saw more sights?

I think they are probably right they saw more tourist attractions and at the speed we went we didn't take in all the Sights!!!
And not to be out done when we got back to the X-Centre a Scorpion turned up there as well to show we have Wildlife in Mae Rim as well!!!

Quite a Big Guy isn't he?
Summary: While the Distances don't sound much everyday was a Full Day of Riding and in really Hard Conditions in Places. While it is a Fantastic Trip i would recommend it to Experienced Riders only!
Don't do it alone either some Areas are Remote and pretty Isolated and it would be Misery if you Broke down or were Hurt out there.
Most of the information is shown on Davids GT-Rider Mae Hong Son Map All the Roads and Accomodation and other details but not all the Trails we took and unless you can speak Thai you will get lost!!! My Thanks to Luke and Justin for scouting these Trails earlier in the season with me.
After this Trip it was a Rest day followed by a Service and Repair Day for the Bikes then it was time for Trip 2 which i will post soon. Bloody lot of work to post a Trip report so all Credit to you Guys who do it on a regular basis.
Cheers Ian.
Mar 15, 2003
Good job Ian, especially for your first full report. Happy you and your guys had a good ride. They all seemed to have really enjoyed it when I talked to them. Also all the preparation you did , especially on the bikes, along with your hospitality at the X Centre was a big plus!


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Yay Ian, great to see a real report from you up on the board. You certainly had an excellent trip - Im glad the GT Rider MHS worked well for you, plus the other tips you git via Justin & Luke. Now you know there are heaps of trails out there - enough to keep you dirt riding on the MHS Loop for days. The trails go all over the place, but the trick is to be able to set yourself up with nights in different towns & not always end up in the same town.
Glad you had fun getting your photos up too - they really do make a big difference.
I look forward to part 2 of the NZ off-road trip.
Dec 5, 2006
hi iam coming up to chang mai next sunday.just a couple of iam arriving at 10 pm sunday nite..and dont like bkk ,can i get a night flight up to chang mai?..can i rent a bike and do a 1 way on it...or if i get stuck ,does the new airport have overnight rooms..great trip report any more of those coming up? has anyone got a contact for any of those kiwi guys? as iam flying from NZ.Thanks KEV
Sep 19, 2006
Hi Kev,
Your Flight from NZ arrives to late for a Connection to CM. The only Hotels at the New Airport are Really Expensive. Your best bet is go to Pattaya, the New Airport is about 1/2 way between there and Bangkok. At that time of night it would be about a 1 1/2 hour Trip. Better than Bangers and you can have a Great night. sleep in and catch a flight late afternoon? Multiple Choice really Bangers, Pattaya, or sleep in the airport till the morning flight? I have the contact details of all the Guys in NZ, will talk to you when you are here ( have to check you aren't a Stalker first!!!)
Cheers Ian.
Dec 5, 2006
lol..jeez ian if i end up in pattaya ,i will never get up to chang mai,have a couple of contacts in BKK, accuactally the ex .sister got a place there ..see u on monday. or tues , or wed, week..not to sure if my cell fone will work there.want to get a sim card for it..ASP,might contact sisy in law..she can sort all that out.any rides coming up ...wouldnt mind organising a charity run. will talk to u when i get there. ( HP is how fast you hit the wall...Torque is far you take it with you.)..REGARDS KEV..
Mar 15, 2003
Kev the Kiwi-(Sorry, I mean Ivan the Terrible, or Terrable if you prefer that spelling),

This info from BobS. Says it is near the airport.

The Grand Bangkok Residences. E-mail is [email [email protected]][email protected][/email].
Phone is 662 327 3876, fax is 662-327-3880.

I got it for 1500 baht. Price includes breakfast, and
free transfer from and to the airport. Cheaper than taxi to from BKK.

Don't know what it's like but I booked it for my return trip from U.S.A.
Dec 5, 2006
Thanks Dave just read your e-mail.Have just put a post in another thread..its about any riders going from BKK to Chang mai...see what sort of response i get..if a few bikes are going around that time. i will stay in BKK.. and cruise on i said 1 day in BKK is 1 day to my bag packed ..u guys are going to laugh at me.. wool lined boots and gloves..and a lined leather jacket.think i will see what sort of riding we are going to be doing...and buy a bit of lighter gear as we go..waiting for a few e-mails to come in..there are a lot of options.looking forward to getting there..and meet u guys.and do some RIDING. Thanks for yor help..and thanks to .Ian B.he has been very helpfull.This time next week.... REGARDS. IVANTHEKIWI...Hang on that doesnt right..KEVTHETERRABLE...Nah thats not it...just call me Mr Kev......CHOOKE DEE..Kev Ivan...
Jul 14, 2004
Ivan you can give me a call in nz 0274458361 if you have any questions i have ridden in northern thailand 3 times and love the place. nz 027 and 021 phones log in ok after stepping off plane as long as you notify phone company before leaving nz and supply a credit card if you are on a prepay phone. do us all a favour and leave the fur lined boots at home its warm wet and humid this time of year
hope this is some help
Oct 12, 2005

A great time was had hanging out with you and the NZ boys. Even think we have a few Thai converst in the making as they seemed to enjoy themselves heaps. Luke and I learned riding within a group can be dangerous as we're used to crashing by ourselves. Throw in other riders who are "as rough as guts" and can be "as slippery as catshit" to catch and crashinbg is just part of the equation. A blast riding with you all and hoping for more to come.

Ian and Long did and absolute bang up job organizing the tour for the lads and pulling it off. Looking forward to the next one.