NZ Trip > May WTB Honda TransAlp

Jul 18, 2007
I had a GREAT trip to New Zealand last weekend, my thanks to those of you who helped with the itinerary. I ran 1000km in 2 days and had a magical trip, thanks in part to the 2007 Honda TransAlp that I was riding.

I began the trip on a BMW F650, but it lost its front brakes after 100km - fortunately for me they went in a low-speed, low-traffic circumstance. The rental company replaced it with the TransAlp, which was a great performer on both paved and unpaved roads.

I note from the other thread that there's no plan for Honda to bring the TransAlp to Thailand, but that there may be a way of getting them to Thailand. I would only be interested in a late model with perfect credentials (green book). Where might one find such a bike, and what might one expect to pay?

Tks all.
Dec 5, 2006
hi passed my house on the way up to coromandel.
what did u think of the coro loop....
quite scenic isnt it..and the riding aint to bad either......
pity u hit up with all those cyclists
they are a dam nuicence.
Regards kev