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  1. just a small note to see if any one fancys a trip to chang mai etc in october? have travelled bits of thialand,but havent been to the north yet, any advice from seasoned riders, plus if any one whants to join a 34 year old fella looking to tour/explore and hit the nightlife drop me a line < ladies very welcome>.plus cant beleave it but its in the 90s in london at the moment yipee. marcus

    marcus ackerman
  2. Still a bit of rain about the north of Thailand in October but that shouldn't bother a real biker. Chiang Mai has everything you could ask for includiing great conditions for both on-road and off-road riding. Plenty of good English schools in Chiang Mai as well.
  3. thanks ian for the note,yep been bikeing about 14 years so a bit of rain no probs, and done my stint as courier in city,so bring it on,but no elephants to watch out for, but there was this huge bird once crossing picadily square......... .marcus[:)]

    marcus ackerman
  4. Marcus,
    Please check your inbox as I have PM'ed you regarding my CDI unit for my KLX. This is a serious SOS, please help me out fella!

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