off piste jungle riding

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  1. while out course designing for our new 'Enduro' I discovered nearly every small holding that backs up to the jungle, has a small bike track that has/is used for bamboo cutting or some other felling. These tracks can be anything from 1-6 kms in length, have recorded dozens of them around Sai Yok Yai area, I tried to link some together, generally it doesn't work because if it had been that easy to continue along these tracks, the Thais' would have already done it, So the most fun I can have with this hobby is to just set a waypoint and just try to link them. The failure rate is a about 99% and hours of hacking about in the jungle being eaten by moises. Probably better let some one else do it and just read about it, sat at home on your PC.
    Just remember any difficult track through woodland took a lot of time to develop, if you don't use it, we will lost it back to mother nature.Thats why I love the locals who made and use these tracks, so please respect them !
  2. any pics ?
  3. waiting for some soft mate to come along, to take the picture
    This is a solo effect, it's not easy convincing anyone else to come along, everybody wants the bamboo out of the way and a nicely laid out track in front of them. But for me it's good exercise, was out today for 2 hours trying to find a drop down from high ground down into the next valley, even if I get in to the valley, there's going to be a creek or river crossing. The small rivers running out of the hills have still got another 18 inches to drop ( early febuary) before I can us some tracks I used earlier this year. So there is plenty of quality riding up here going into next year

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