Off piste, North Vietnam border tour/ Hanoi 6th Jan 2023 14 days


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Dec 17, 2022
I'm touring Vietnam for 14 days from the 6th of January with a trials bike. I am aiming to spend 80% on track and trail and 20% on tarmac.
The trip was originally planned back in September with 5 friends who showed a keen interest, however through the course of time and for one reason or another each has dropped out leaving me as the only remaining biker. I was already committed so I've decided to do it anyway but would feel more comfortable if there was more than just myself.
This is my 3rd biking trip to Vietnam, 2nd visit to the North. I'm 60 years old and have about 30 years biking experience. The proposed trip, the route and stop overs are now completely up for discussion to suit the participants. There's no fixed agenda at this point so everything can be up for discussion. We were originally going to share the cost of a track and trail guide between us, I can't afford one on my own but I'm happy to share the cost if that works?
It's a bit "last" for reorganising things but I'm open to suggestions and offers.

If you are interested in doing something similar but find yourself in the same situation as myself then please get in touch.

Best wishes Steve