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  1. Gents,

    I recently purchased a pair of Thor Off Road boots
    Unfortunately for me they are about 1/2 a size too small.
    They have been worn twice and in good condition.

    Anyone interested let me know.. I am based in Bangkok.

    Paid 4,700 baht at the bangkok car show (discounted for the show)
    Looking for 3,300 baht or next best reasonable offer.

    Label in the boot says:-
    10 / Euro 44
    Quadrant 1

    The boots are White.

    I like the boots and will be re-buying a larger boot.


    Attached files 268061=3435-bike%20boots.
  2. Hi Brian,

    I'm interested and will pay your asking price if they're a good fit.
    I'm in Minburi- please give me a call and let me know when / where we can meet.
    Ride On!
  3. Are you dabbling with the idea of dirt Mr T?
  4. Hi,

    These boots are still available if you are interested.

  5. Hey Brian,
    I had a chance to try on some 44's at Dirtshop and they're way too big- I'm normally a 42.
    Good luck with the sale!

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