Off-road Coaching Clinic With Chris Birch

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    Chris Birch - Red Bull Rider and World Class Champion of Enduro & Rally - will be your instructor this December...

    Few details available, but the event is being promoted by KTM Rama5 in Bangkok.
    Phone: 092 265 2884

    16 - 18 December 2017
    At Le Meridian Chiang Rai

    Chris Birch Coaching clinics are aimed at improving off road riding skills. Chris focuses on helping his clients get the most out of their riding – whether this is to improve performance and placing in competition, to beat their mates, or simply to get the most enjoyment from the weekend’s riding.


    Chris Birch has spent his whole life riding and racing motorbikes in many disciplines and has picked up tips, tricks, shortcuts and handy hints that you only get from experience. When you are being coached by Chris, it’s a fantastic opportunity to pick his brains about any riding or bike set up problems you have.

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    Wow. That would be Cool! Unfortunately I will miss it as We are in Burma then!

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