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  1. is the GT Rider maps strictly on road maps? is there offroad maps available. any offroaders here?
  2. thanks for the reply

    are the offroad trails supplied by GT rider maps have enough detail to where a could rent a bike and use the maps and not get lost?

    are there enough trails to ride for a week or so? or do a big loop around the Chiang Mai area

    do they have gps coordinate's?

    how do you rate these trails?, 1 being easy to 10 being expert

    my main concern (besides being lost) is riding in areas i should not be in or riding across someones farm. should this be a concern?

    do you think it is wise to venture off on your own in the jungle without a guide?

    thanks for your time i know there is a lot of questions.
  3. Yes, there's plenty of off-road tracks on the maps. And making some great loops is no problem at all.


    A four wheel drive would be able to do most of the off-road tracks on the maps. So maybe 4/10 for a bike.
    But if its hardcore single track your looking for, your maybe better off going with one of the tour company's

    Don't worry about riding into someone's farm, this is Thailand, they will most likely offer you a beer if you do.
    It really is as simple as hiring a bike, buying the map, and heading off.
    Just do a bit of research by looking at some of the trip reports others have posted, and maybe look through a Lonely plant guide to work out what sites you what to see.

    Cheers. Moto-Rex
  4. whatever you do, take plenty of water with you. I just came back from a trip and on one of the days I went through 12litres of liquids. It Is hot out there at the moment. Also worth remembering is that with the added factor of rain an easy 3 rated trail can turn into a monstrosity, turning the surface into something not far off ice. So best to have some liquids and maybe a few choccy bars to get you through a few hours thrashing around on the trail.
    For a weeks worth of trails you will probably need to get out of the chiang mai area.

    Good Luck.
  5. Good point dirthonk. :thumbup:
  6. thanks for the info

    i ride in the deserts of southern California and im used to carrying a two liter hydration pack with me and plan on bringing one with me to Thailand.
  7. Hi Friends,

    The ultimate "weapon" is the Camelback pack, I use it (as thousands of soldiers) when ridding in Thailand and it' s perfect. Of course you'll find some cheapest copies, but prefer the genuine ones.
  8. RoadX - One thing you won't have to worry about over here is there are no three foot deep sand whoops (ala Red Mountain and Lucerne) to contend with. Instead the tricky, greasy, slick as snot mud will be your new challenge. There are a few off roaders on the board and if you keep in touch, and come to Chiang Mai ,we could have a chat with you over a beer or two and point out some interesting trails for you.

    Best of luck.
  9. Ya RoadX, GT rider maps are great and I use them often. As for getting lost, well isn't that just the fun of it sometimes.... it is adventure riding. Though this is Thailand and I just came across some farmers today who quickly grab handfulls of Lychee's and some other fruit to give to me and Alikki who I rode with. Thailand is a wonderful place, though hit me up when your over here and some other members and can show you some routes. Also if you have a GPS can give some tracks maybe.
  10. i will get the maps i think i'll need even if i go with a tour, if you could post up some track that would be greatly appreciated !!

    we plan on going late jan or feb, looking to an eight day enduro ride then rent some bikes and do a road trip for a few days, then off to the south for some beach time.

    sorry for the late response......

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