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  1. First of all special thanks to ALLY who tried to explain me how to show the photos on this forum, i'm now sure of one thing , he was a good teacher and i was a dud student.

    In november 2008 we came from France to northern Thailand in order to make off road motorcycling in North Thailand.
    We went to Pop Rental in Chiang Mai and rent 2 KLX KAWA 0 Kms new model !!!
    Now let's present the team.....

    On the left my friend René and on the back seat his friend Dominique. On the right (me) christian, my wife Véronique taking the photo
    Véronique trying the motorcycle.
    The helmets are for mountainbikes, it's less safe than those for motorcycles but we couldn't take them in our luggages.
    We left the Chiang Mai city, with the GPS, and went up to Doi Suthep, this road goes up and up and turns to dirt near a coffee plantatation SDC10670.
    We stopped here to have a drink
    Looking for our track, we were lost , there are many trails in this area
    Many rivers to cross....
    We found a trail covered with bamboos
    and mud....
    We had to make half turns because there was no way out
    The front whell into an invisible hole in the grass
    A hand who helps you is better than a hand who prays for you
    We stopped here to eat rice and noddles, drink beers and cola, and wash our trousers covered with mud
    This house looked like a swiss chalet
    A good single track
    Which finishes with a fence
    in the green vegetation
    Then we found a lake and loaded the motorcycles, we fallowed the GPS track.... SDC10744.
    We went out on the other bank
    The team, with rented mountainbikes and with our thai guide.

    I tried to do my best but my english isn't very good, sorry for the mistakes .
    For those who are interested i'have the gps tracks of the whole trails we made. Send me a message i'll send these to you.
    Best regards Christian.
  2. Hi there

    Fantastic report with some wonderful photographs. It looks like you had a great time.

    Did you plan the route beforehand or did you just see where you ended up with the GPS as backup.

    Thanks for taking the time to post.

  3. Hi tonykiwi
    i planned some routes on google earth, and others i found in forums.
    in order to send you my GPS tracks tell me the format you want :
    GDB (garmin) , GPX or KML
  4. I use Garmin 60 Csx so I assume the GDB is the format I need is GDB.

    Much appreciated

  5. Great trip there Christian & thanks for persevering with the effort to post.

    You certainly experienced a wide variety of road / water :wink:

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great pictures and looks like you had a super time exploring on two wheels.

    I would love the KML file, don't have a GPS myself but would enjoy following in your footsteps. Definitely want to do that boat ride too.

  7. Kevin
    I think this is the dam & relevant trip report. ... -t226.html

    Silverhawk & Pikey have also done a trip out the dam, but have not done the boat trip.
  8. Thank you David,

    we have been told about those falls in vague details of north about an hour, from town for a beautiful spring falls and nice place to bring the family. But now with directions we will be off to enjoy that route as a family ASAP.

    Best Regards,

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