Off road on a Versys

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  1. Great video, like the clip of the Go-Pro on a stick

    The edited version

    He goes on to Video some Vee Rubber VRM 163 tyres they look like MT60's but a quarter of the price.

  2. Bloody impressive trip & riding - putting in the hours riding at night.
    Vee Rubber for the Versys - I think I will take a look at them & give them a go , later on.
  3. Nice video, the slipping of the front wheel did look exactly like I think I did once drop my Versys in the mud.

    As of the Vee Rubber (made in Thailand?) I think they do not have this type of tyre in 17inch "front". So I think he must have a "rear" tyre on the front. Is there a difference between front and rear tyres?
  4. From what I can see on the versys Thailand forum they fit an oversized front and have to raise the front fender to accommodate. Comments made indicate they are pretty good and a quarter of the price of the MT60's I am using right now.

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  5. Interested to learn more about Vee Rubber. What's the OEM application for this tire? Are they speed rated?

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