Off-road Rider Training / M-X Track

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  1. If you want some off-road rider training or even want to learn how to ride on the dirt, then contact Swiss Peter at Pai Enduro in Pai.
    Peter's got a full on M-X track with 2 stroke bikes for more serious dirt riders.
    There's an (outdated)Pai Enduro website at
    if you want to take a look
    The phone contact details are
    1. Peter O53- 699 395
    2. Nop 01- 531 2022
    Email: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

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  2. Peter in Pai advises that they now have a new even bigger M-X track if you want to slip out there & take a look.

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  3. Peter / Pai Enduro
    Now has a new website up at
    Link removed

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  4. Quick update: Nop's mobile number is invalid (disconnected?). New number is 0801237129. He is no longer at Mr Kom's but at C&P bike shop on Tapae Rd.

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