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  1. Yesterday I took out my XR250 and decided to have a go at one of the most difficult hill climbs around Chiang Mai. In the rainy season, this track is a killer and very hard to do. If you look at the trees and the camera angle you actually get an idea how steep it really is. I never knew who named this track "LMS" but it is a great section for practicing hill climbs and try out your skills.

    I hope You enjoy, even I didn't take any pictures at all...thanks for watching:

  2. Outstanding! Wow, that hill just keeps going and going and going doesn't it??

    I thought for sure you were going to get stuck around 3:50 when you go off on a bit of a "detour", but you made it!
  3. Thanks Tony, yeah the hill never seems to stop you just gotta keep going, one stop and it's all over. I have the right gearing on my XR 250, I was not able to do it on the XR 600 in one go, with the XR 250 I did it several times without problems.
  4. Terrific vid! Enjoyed watching that!
    How much does the XR250 weigh?
  5. Not on a Yamaha, the weight of the XR 250 pretty much depends on the model, the XR250R are only 112kg perfect weight, whereas the XR250L is around 128kg. My XR250L is almost standard, just different exhaust and gearing for off-road, I use 13T/53T, this will get you up a wall. My weight is 120kg and ads much to the disaster of an underpowered bike, but all in all the XR 250 has been the most reliable off-road bike for me for many years now. It is like a tractor slow, but very strong compared to modern engines.
  6. Good video!

    I've never ridden a dirt bike in my life, but it look slike so much fun!
  7. Yeah, it is a lot of fun indeed, until you fall down like I did, now I have tailbone pain, I hope it will go away soon

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