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  1. From a Lao forum but may be of interest to some of you: Some time ago there was an article in one of the newspapers that "The Chinese government has rented from Laos more than 90,000 rai of land in Ban Ton Phueng in Huaysay, the capital of Bokeo province, for 99 years. China plans to send about 100,000 people to settle in the area". Actually, the area is just on the other side of the Mekong opposite the Golden Triangle.

    If you want to see what the new 30 km2 Chinese town in Bokeo could look like, take a look at the 'artist's impressions and maps at:
  2. Doesn't look much like a settlement for 100,000 people to me, rather than a big investment in the Lao economy. As long as they don't issue 99 year visas to the Chinese it's a good project all the way around...
  3. Here's a pic taken a couple of weeks ago enroute to Laos showing part of the area scheduled for development. Thanks to Silverhawk for showing us the spot where this pic was taken - just downstream from the GT/Chiang Saen.


    Actually, I doubt very much whether it will beneficial for the locals as the Chinese plan to populate it with their own which to me at least, means displacement for the indigenous people. :(



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