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  1. Now, My bike and i are official GT rider, as i have shirt and bike been stikered.
  2. Hi Marco

    Is that the new sticker or the old sticker?...... The old stickers fade!..... Just ask the guvnor.

    All the best
  3. Errh it was a freebie - one of the quick fade / fast run stickers. Still got a stack of the oldies for free if any one want some. Just email & will post free inside Thailand. :D
    Once these are gone it will be onto the good quality long lasting non fade non run permanent non free ones. 8)
    Off to Laos tomorrow for 10 days, so you won't get any freebies until I get back, sorrrrry. :cry:
    Hope you had a good night in Nan, Marco & Co. Lots of GT Rider secrets went out in that phone call. :wink:
  4. Yes.... My top box is a contolled experiment.

    Sticker on top is totally bleached..... It looks ancient and biblical.

    The one on the front (plugging holes in case of rain) usually covered by baggage is still a blaze of glorious colour.
  5. Why try hiding such a hideous looking Motorcycle underneath two perfectly normal looking stickers like that???? :lol:
  6. That's a bike! :eek:

    Looks like a refrigerator! :wink:
  7. But that Kelvinator gets around pretty quick even around Doi Phukha.

    "Panzer Waggon" is another alias it flies under.

    Waiting for Marcos' next trip report.
  8. Hi Guys

    just a guick note, me and Dougal are in Udon and visitiong Ray today...

    last night was,, well,, it was,, but i have no idea what happen as i lost me memory,,some how,, but i can only blame DOugal of that,, it was not "My" fault,, he got be in to it...

    Nan was fantastic and we all enjoy Doi Phuka look,, that was Brilliant loop,, "Panzar Wagon was literally on the Limit and food pegs,, are ful of crach marks,,,i didn't know that LT can be "listed" more tha 30decree each side..but running 400Kg left to right and right to left whole day,, i can tell you, it's hard work..
    So far have got abt 200 pictures and one in the home will sorted them out and do full report of this...
    Just a quick side note,, run in to R#4041 in Udon and there was few clicks road construction and i managed to find pot of TAR,, and now it's all over my top bos and under neath the bike,, that is hell of the cleaning...

    now of to tighten Dougals bike chain,,,
  9. Marco, can understand and pity you. I don't know but Peter has some magic magnet in his body that drags him involuntarily to any fridge where Singha or Leo is stored in. Further on always a scientific urge to check on how the beers taste in different environments. Shouldn't we give him a new name ?? Mr. Singha or Mr. Leo I was thinking of (as he doesn't drink Chang we cannot call him Mr. Frozen Horsep..s.....) :oops: :p
    As always, when you 2 guys are around there's plenty of fun !!!! Keep it coming...........cheers, Franz

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