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    Sorry this is not a trip report (yet) but just wanted to ask if anyone knows any offroad trails in Jaeson national parc area? Thought going there tomorrow-Saturday but wanted a bit of offroad, but searched the forum didn't find anything, same as on the gt-rider map there is only the main (small) road.

    Basically from san kampheng to jaeson waterfall/hotspring.

    All I found is on a tour agency:

    Day 1:Depart from Chiang mai to east passing Sankampang District stop for visit Sankampang hot spring and have lunch here .In the afternoon, start off-road trip passing Baan Huay Kaew, Baan Khun Aon, Bann Pa Miang. Stay overnight in Jae Son National Park, Lampang Province.
    Day 2 :Take off Jae Saun National Park passing Baan Mae Jen, Baan Huay Pong Doi Saket District .Stop for lunch at Baan Bo Sang Sankampang District after that visit hand made umbrellas and hand painted on umbrellas center and come back to Chiang mai.

    from this website: 033ju.jpg. ... ys-1-night

    Don't know how hard it will be to find...

    Cheers for any advice,


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