Ohlins, to install or not?

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  1. I have a 2013 Versys which has been solid during its 30,000km ownership, both on and off road. I was considering upgrading to a BMW 800GS but after performing a test ride with a Thai auto forum I was a little disappointed to be honest, and wondered if it would last as long as the Kawa has without fault thus far.

    So, I've since spent a few bob on extras like an MRA screen, SH pegs for a chap here, MT60s ad other stuff and I'm now considering replacing the rear shock with the Ohlins.

    Is it worth it and is it compatible for trail and a few minor off road sections?

    New boots or a shock? That is indeed the question!

  2. Well the standard the suspension on the Versys is one of the bike's weak points I reckon & some decent suspension, set up properly, should only improve the bike significantly.

    The big advantage of the Kawa for me is that it is cheap to run. 97,000 kms up on mine now & zero cost complaints, even with 1 accident & 1 spill.

    BTW why not have a look at the Suzuki Vstrom 650 - VTwin motor +19 inch front wheel. 365,000 baht for the 2015 "adventure" model.
    That is the way I plan on going.
  3. If you want a bike that can happily ride on highways all day but is still dirt capable you might want to consider a Rally Raid Products conversion on a CB 500X: http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?p=26443943#post26443943

    It won't have the grunt of a 650cc but will be lighter and much closer to the Adventure bike many riders are longer for but no big company is manufacturing.

    New CB 500X will set you back 215K and the full adventure kit around 80K. Parts will go on sale later this month.

    The problem you may have selling the Versys is that the 2nd-hand market for them is pretty flooded right now.
  4. Not a bad idea, but does it come with spoke wheels as depicted in their site.
  5. Not a bad idea but I do like the look of the v-strom if they have rid of the spokes wheels.
  6. They are part of the kit. Read this page from the ADVRIDER thread for a detailed breakdown of what the company is producing: http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1012021&page=26


    I'm waiting for Honda to release the True Adventure first. If it's not the right bike for me I'll probably go this route.
  7. I had an Öhlins rear shock and front fork spring installed on my CRF today at the Dirtshop.


    Going back to England for a few weeks this weekend so won't get a chance to test the new suspension until later next month.
  8. Congrats.. you will notice a big difference on the trails.
  9. Installed ohlins rear shock today and what a difference! Totally transformed the bike. Sits a little lower at the back which i wasn't looking for but definitely a big improvement.
  10. Probably keep the Versys if I buy another bike. Can't make my mind up to be honest. Keep looking up the KX450F.
  11. How much did the shock cost and did you buy it in Thailand?
  12. In my case I bought and had it installed by Kawasaki at Bukalow, Thailand. Cost a tad under 15k which isn't bad considering the standard it 10k. The improvements outperform the little extra in cost. Really pleased with it.
  13. The KX450F is a dirtbike right, but I don't see it on the Kawasaki Thailand website, how/where would you buy it from? Great option if we did have it here.
  14. Yes, spoke to Kawa when I had the Ohlins installed. It isn't listed on their site but you can order it. Didn't ask price just yet.
  15. Arh OK, would be interested to know how much once you ask a price. Looks a great bike for 2015.
  16. Can you pls give us some feedback on your Ohlins suspension?
    Good or not?
    Worth it or not?
  17. Bit late coming. But recently a friend and I did a swap for 10 mins on our bikes. Both have the Versys. His a year younger and only 18k on the clock. Mine, 48K and plenty of off road and trail. We both have same tires, same seat conversion etc, but my bike felt much better than his. They felt like totally different bikes which he agreed on. Not sure if it is the Ohlins which is only running the rear, or his is just buggered?
  18. Good Suspension will Transform Bike. I have Ohlins on all of Mine. Like Riding a Different Bike compared to standard! Incredible! I only put the Rear shock on My Tiger 1050 and the Front immediately felt better! So much better, well worth it!!!
  19. I agree - Ohlins is probably the way to go for most of us big farang; with shock rebuilds available in county plus a dealer network "close by."

    I'm in the queue next.
  20. Can anyone confirm this.

    My Ohlins is the S46DR1, but is there a difference between the one for the er6 and the Versys? Same model number and spex including spring lenght seems the same.

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