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  1. So this is A

    If yuo travel through Bangkok will the gps put you on motocycle approaved routes or just the easiest one?
  2. Ray,

    You can set your GPS to select the fastest route or the shortest route. Unfortunately, the way Garmin sets it up you can not select "special effects" for a motorcycle like avoiding certain roads as they lump cars together with motorcycles.

    One of the things you can do is to select "Avoid Toll Roads" and this in theory should route you over other roads. However, there are also several fly-overs which are off-limit to motorcycles and this is something you would have to manually indicate on the map. This can be done in Garmin Mapsource but not sure if this would be transferred to the your GPS.
  3. You would be able to do this via a pre-planned route made in Mapsource but your right not going to happen on the fly via the GPS. Kind of a bummer with regard to BKK. You may be able to select "avoid interstates" also but not sure how the fly overs are connected on the map program or how this will affect your normal provencial driving.
  4. Can you select avoid n Bangkok that might be the answer :lol:

    I don't think I want to ride there anyway just curious
  5. Hi Ray, are you planning on just passing through or do you have a destination in BKK you have to get to? If so where are you coming from?

  6. Not planning anything actually jus seeing if it possible for the future
  7. Lads

    you cn sellect in garmin to avoid TOLL roads and as per Rays Zumo 450 and mine 550, that option works,,i tested that, so in that way it gives you route,,what ever it thinks is the either fastest or shortes,,, how ever in ZUMo it self one can do 'Own' routes in the zumo display, this need's a little bit practice when use it but ones you get top of it, it's fantastic in Garmin it called 'Routes' button.

    Also as mentioned by pseacraft, mapsourse is good, but again with new thailand map that can be done and then import that to Garmin, it will then automatically insert that in to NEW routes, again that need a little 'Play' around normally.
  8. I probably wonlt live long enough to learn the ends and out of all this
  9. Ray

    we have that ongoing training right now,, so you will be there soon,, dont worry...
  10. Progress
  11. With regard to Routes, when you make a route in Mapsource and send that to the GPS, the GPS normally will re-calculate the route. Therefor the end-result may not be the same as what you designed in Mapsource unless you put in a lot of "Via" points to force the GPS to recalculate the route taking into account all those Via points.
  12. I was thinking you would have to do that to go south and by pass bangkok. or to see certian roads. Hwy 2 is not my favorite LOL
  13. Auke

    In Zumo 450-550 at least,it will keep it as it is as there you have separate section for your 'Own' routes and garmin do not touch them.

    i know car models or those with out that option will do that and not allow you even design you own routes. :wink:
  14. Marco,

    Thanks for the update with regard to routes keeping their original format in the Zumo 450 and 550 when copied from Mapsource to the Zumo. Did not know that.
  15. I think I will stay on A for awhile, playing with a trip plan type in the word Roi Et GPS doesn't find anything wjat am I doing wrong. Dontl worry marco told me to turn it on first :lol:
  16. Ray
    you are good student,,it helps when you turn Zumo one,, accuracy is much better in that way :lol:

    but when you actually looking someting like Roi et,,you have to go through whoce 9yards,way easier is zoom map bit large scale and then find Roi et manually and then tap in there and zoom it closer and closer, then you can have your point pointed there and just push GO and let it work.
    Only minor negative part for GOS has it's cabable to find i.e. hotel in different province,, sometimes it will find and sometimes it wont.#Example when i start to ride from ubon toward Phetsaphun and wanna stay in Buraba hotel,, zumo do not find it, but when i come closer to Phetsaphun it will find it, so that is what i actually do now day, just put way point close to town and then when there look the hotel,, or even before just to check if it find's it during coffee brake times...
  17. Not sure how but it did find Roi Et. Inotice wehn I ask hotles I always get udon I suppoe because I'm close it.

    How do yuo enlarge the map to cover more area then - button?

    I'll try that tomorrow thank goodness I have month to play with it before the rubber hits road.
  18. Ray left hand side in the black rubber you have + & - buttons, by using those it wil zoom in and out.
  19. AH Ha that shall be the quest for the day.
  20. Ray, You can zoom to Roi Et but when you use "Find" to find a hotel, you will get hotels in Udon.

    What you should do when you want to look for hotels or other places in a different location from where you are, you should "Disable the GPS" - see page 31 in your manual on how to do that.

    Then zoom to the place where you want to search and then press "Set Loc" probably at the bottom of the map page (see page 18 of your manual).

    In this way you tell the unit that you are in Roi Et or any other place and then the GPS will show hotels, etc. in that place.

  21. Cool Auke maybe we should rename this thread GPS 101 A

    Well I'm off to my first day of intermediate Thai and the land of confusuion think I'm nut now wait till this afternoon.

    I'll try this stuff this afternoon. I've read the manual three times now. I seem to understand what yuo guys say much better.

    Thanks for the help.
  22. Thanks guys tried the zoom feature tonight that works well then just find the area. Didn't try to the other yet, Thai class kicked n my butt, So I will save that for tomorrow

    Thanks Guys

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