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  1. What is the proper tire pressure front adn rear for the dragtar 400?

    Hey you don't know you don't know :lol:
  2. Usually it says the MAX tire pressure on the tire itself, small print. That means if you're fully loaded, with passenger, you need more pressure than if you're just cruising one up, then don't exceed this number. - I always put in as much as I feel comfortable with, a low pressure tire feels like you're riding in mud and the steering is heavy, a high pressure tire makes the bike bounce at every bump and you feel like you're on a pogo-stick. Try the high pressure, and if it bounces, take a bit of air out until it rides fine, then check with a gauge and remember that number.
  3. Well I had 30 in the front and 36 in the back dropped both by two, much better.

    In the process found out the front tire was a bit out of round, getting a spoke adjustment and balance done today. Ollie I think I'm going to get there yet :wink:
  4. rear between 29-33 depending on rider and comfort front 30-32 max.
  5. Tires are part of the suspension, that's why some bikes have huge donuts and some sport bikes a low profile. Talking about suspension, I remember the last time I rode a 12 year-old 400cc Steed the front end was scary, I could hardly make a turn at slow speed. It was okay at higher speed in a straight. Try this: stand over your bike, pull the front brake and pull up on the handle bars - the bike mentioned "grew" a few inches. When I let go, it "sank" back down. Probably nobody ever checked what's inside the fork tubes since it was new.
    I didn't want to mess with the oil so I just cut two 2-inch PVC pipe pieces, opened the forks at the upper triple clamp, squeezed them in and closed the patient up again. The guy was far way from home, so this was quite an improvement, but I told him to check the springs and the oil when he's back home. That was part of the service you got in my Coffee Shop!
    Interestingly it's difficult to get used replacement springs, at Red Baron they sell only the complete (used) fork set, which is of course expensive. Otherwise they would have lots of empty fork legs sitting aroud and no springs...
  6. Had the suspension front and rear done already. Went to 28 Lbs in the front and 34 in the rear Subai Subai.

    I'm used to the beast I would probably kill myself on one that turns quickly at slow speeds :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Hi Ray
    On my 1100cc Dragstar i was told to put 25 in the front and 28 in the rear.
  8. Hows that working for you Bob?

    I definetly have a lot of junk on mine, hard bags foot boardd crash bars so pretty heavy
  9. Hi Ray
    I am sorry i wrote 25 in front i actually have 28 and 30 in the rear.
    That i working fine, the bike easy to handle and the tires are okay but i dont have any bags or crash bars. How heavy is your bike ? Mine is 260 kg with a full tank.

  10. You know Tropical John sent me a manual for the Star 650, I just couldn't find it until last night. I really mis him on the forum.

    XVS650 200 kPa (29 psi) (2.00
    XVS650A 225 kPa (33 psi)
    (2.25 kgf/cm²)
    XVS650AT 225 kPa (33 psi)
    (2.25 kgf/cm²)
    250 kPa (36 psi) (2.50 kgf/cm²)

    I'm now running 28 and 34 so a pretty close guess.

    I'll adjust it now. Or leave o it alone feels pretty good these days :lol:

    I think my bike would about 15 Klgs heavier then yours a unles you have comparable equipment on it. It's nice to finally get to sweat the small stuff NOW. :wink:
  11. Hi Ray
    If the bike is easy to handle i would just leave it as it is and not pay any attention to the bike manual.

  12. Well I think I finally got there, better passing power, comfortable ride and easy to handle. It's not broken anymore I'm leaving it alone.
  13. You are right Ray. If it aint broken dont fix it.

  14. Ray,

    Found this.

    Tire Pressure
    Custom up to 198lbs..29 front...33 rear
    over 198lbs..29 front...36 rear
    Classic up to 198lbs..33 front...33 rear
    over 198lbs..33 front...36 rear,
    * the 198lbs above is rider, passenger and baggage.


    You can download a free 650cc manual herehttp://www.carlsalter.com/motorcycle-manuals.asp

    alas no 400.
  15. Thanks Mike everything is pretty close and feeling good.

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