Old monster tuk tuk question

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  1. My first visit to Thailand was the last two weeks of August, 1988.

    Was a shame that I never had a ride in one, but does anybody here remember what kind of motor powered these large tuk tuks?

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  2. No idea .... but a year ago I still saw them in Pattaya at Bali Hai pier so just go there and have a ride!
    As far as I can remember when I had a look at it, it are small car-engines (they have reverse).

    Chang Noi
  3. First time I saw one of these was on Ko Si Chang island,off Si Racha(Chonburi Province)in 91.All driven by Ladies.
    Very smooth and silent ride.Powered by a 4 cyl Toyota car engine.May be 1.5 liter.
    Cheers, Lung.

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