Old Wheels - Check them for rust / corrision

Discussion in 'Technical' started by DavidFL, Oct 5, 2010.

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    First trip on the AT after it's been parked for close on a month getting an engine overhaul & i get a flat FRONT tyre.
    Fortunately it was not at speed, but I was going into one of my favourite left handers & if the engine had been fully run in I might have been cranked right over & opening the throttle right up.
    Lucky man I thought.

    It did strike me as a bit odd though, a flat front & basically a new tyre. So when I chugged into the Castrol Biked Point 500 metres up the road, I was a bit surprised to find nothing in the tyre to indicate a puncture from a nail, piece of steel or glass.

    After taking out the tube & inspecting the tyre we were a little surprised to see the puncture was on the inside of the tube & not the outside.

    However after a close inspection of the front wheel rim it was no surprise.

    In fact I was somewhat shocked at the state of the inner front wheel rim. :shock:





    but then I thought a 95 model bike with 268,000 kms on the clock. :?: :idea:
    Perhaps this is something that I should have paid attention to a long time ago. :?:

    I had never picked up this before because whenever tyres have been changed the bike goes into the Bridgestone car tyre shop, they change tyres in 20 minutes & pop the wheels back on. I never look or checked. :roll:

    So the moral of the story - if you've got an older bike with high kms pay attention to your wheel rims. :thumbup:

    I'm now open to suggestions & recommendations for a new set of wheels for the AT. :think:

    FRONT: 21 Inch. 90/90 21 inch tyre.
    REAR: 17 Inch. 130/90 - 17 inch tyre.

  2. thanks David...
    I have never checked on my 18yr old @T rim as well! Time to do so soon!

  3. Check mine every tyre change/flat.

    I've saw this plenty when I was restoring and racing vintage mx bikes.
  4. A new rim & spokes are now fitted.


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