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  1. I am looking for anything that is street legal, and nothing too big as I am pretty short.
    Will consider any model,make
    Need it for Bangkok and suburbs, limited off road work but I feel more comfortable on these bikes than scooters ans roadbikes
  2. Kawasaki do these great looking mini bikes (90cc I Think) Good for easy off road work wherever that may be in Bangkok and fantastc for around town, however the Thai's are going made for them at the moment doing the Mae Hong Son Loop on them. Cost about 50,000 on the road brand new with plate!

    Although I am correct with how good the bike is I do have a memory like a fish so so it could be a 50cc at 90,000 but I am sure someone will put me right on that one!

    I want one just because they look so cool!
  3. I think the bike you mean is a kawasaki KSR 110.Like a little supermoto and they do seem to cost around 54,000 or so.Lovely looking.
  4. Thats the blighter!

    110c is it? Excelent bit of kit for some fun and games! I gotta get one! There you go Ritti get yourself down to any bike dealer and grab yourself a Kwakker supermoto! It's gotta be done !
  5. I have seen those little bikes being used for track racing,enduros and motocross over here.They must be pretty robust.I tried one in a car park and was impressed at how well balanced it felt at low speeds.

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