On the road - where is this route?

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  1. Anyone recognise this route number? And where is it?


    I thought it was a beauty. Never seen it before.
  2. No takers yet? Where are you Captain Slash?
    OK, a couple of hints.
    1. It's in the North
    2. It’s "sort of" a new bypass road.

    Meanwhile, fossicking along the 'Khong a few days ago....
    R4007. A nice little narrow tight twisting steep undulating rural back road beside that mighty beautiful river.

    10 kms from the start of R4007 (at the CK end) you’ll stumble across the Rai Saeng Arun boutique resort
    This place really is a genuine gem right on the Mekong. Indeed it’s perfect for that magical trip trying to impress a romantic girlfriend.....

    Your bungalow for the night, with majestic Mekong river views.

    A bungalow backside, perhaps so impressive, but check out the location & commanding view.

    The open air sala deck dining area.

    Or down by the riverside

    Your riverside views

    And yep, the 'Khong is up. Here’s Houei Xai from Tammila in Chiang Khong

    Plus the Khong from on the road R1129

    Keep riding if you're a biker. No need to talk about it. Just do it.
  3. Is it the Fang bypass?
  4. I second Scotty 007 choice as the Fang bypass. Yes??
  5. Nope, not the Fang bypass.
  6. Hmmh?
    How about it goes to a bridge.
  7. Captain
    It's hard to imagine you not having crossed this road, but you may not have ridden down it, as it is a wide "newish" bypass & you tend to like & stick to nice rural back roads, avoiding the bigger roads.
    It's been around for a couple of years, uncompleted & an unnumbered; but now it's Route # 123!
  8. Is it the Chiang Dao bypass? I can definately renember seeing this recently (JAN08)
  9. Sorry guys. Try further north. It is 9kms from start to finish, skirting town.
  10. Let me put in my 2 cents worth. I guess that it is the new road branching of from Rd 1 just south of Mae Sai going to the new bridge over the Mekong to Burma, a few clicks east of the old bridge. The bridge seems to be open for goods transport but not yet for general use.
  11. Yes sir! Jackpot. That's the one, & I reckon for an expert like you "the bridge" was probably the give away.

    From off the new "forthcoming" GT Rider Golden Triangle guide map....
  12. Yes, indeed, the bridge was the give away. I did remember having been on road 123 but could not remember anymore where it was. By the way, has the last part - connecting it to the bridge - been finished by now?
  13. Using an old thread for convenience..

    The Rai Saeng Arun resort & restaurant is a beauty by the Khong.
    It is located on the river road 24 kms upstream from Chiang Khong.
    Majestically located on the 'Khong there is a sweet terrace restaurant to view the river & watch the world go by.
    GTR - IMG_4463.JPG

    But it hasn't always been plain sailing.
    In 2008 the Khong got up a bit high & their conference room down by the river went under water

    It was a mess to clean up

    They never quite recovered & in 2015 it looked like this


    Then came the new government plan to fortify the river banks on the Thai side = time to move out that building....what there is now
    GTR - IMG_4470.JPG

    GTR - IMG_4466.JPG

    and the bungalow that are left
    GTR - IMG_4467.JPG

    GTR - IMG_4472.JPG

    still worthy of a night by the Khong.
    Check it out sometime.
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