On the Way to Chiang Rai - Dec 2007


May 12, 2008
OK, a few more from the grand trip. After 3 nights in Chiang Mai, a somewhat smaller group of us headed off to Chiang Rai, for no special reason other than to see some sights and enjoy the weather !



This poor guy had a bad day.

We stopped for gas along the way and the young lad handling the hose screwed up big time.
First he overflowed the tank (not paying attention), then he pulled the hose out without letting up on the handle and spayed buddy right in the face with a blast of gas !
Soon as I saw what happened I ran over with a bottle of water and started flushing his eyes. Couple minutes later he was off to the side of the staion where they had a water hose and he spent the next 10 minutes or so flushing his eyes until they stopped burning.
I think the kid at the pump got away lucky that day (didn't start a fire and didn't get killed by an angry biker and his buddies).

The big guy ended up being OK and was able to continue the ride.

Pulling in to Chiang Rai

Across the street from that white temple

A couple of bus loads of tourists, and a few (very) mature birds wanted their pics taken with some of the gang.

The white temple (never asked what the name of it was/is)

Had a few more odds and sods pics, nothing worth posting though. This was about the time my battery died as well.
We partied a bit that night at the home of a relative of one of the guys. Kind of interesting, as this family does totem pole style wood carvings, only with Thai themes (instead of Haida Indian themes, makes sense of course).
Next day we took a side trip up to Mai Sai and walked across into Burma for a short shopping trip.
A quiet night at the hotel and then a long journey all the way back to Pattaya.
Overall a pleasant trip. Wonderful weather and good fun with some great people.
I think it ended up being about 8 days and 7 nights. I think my buddy estimated it was about 3,000 kms in total.

This year, rumour has it we are going to Chiang Mai again, but after the Bike Week, we will head out from Chiang Mai around to Mae Hong Son - Pai - and then back to CM (maybe, unless we take a different route) !

Next time though, I'll make sure I take the damn charging cord for the camera !!! (or buy a better one that uses batteries !) :)


Dec 18, 2007
Nice report and pics Kerry. Amazing, as I left Pattaya on the same day for CMX but went a completely different route, maybe what you guys are planning for this year.

Great group of Thais and Farangs and great diversity of bikes. Love it.

Just goes to show that Thais and Farangs do get together and have a great time doing it. Also love the fact that the group obviously does'nt care what bike you ride. Nice one.