One Armed Standit at Chiang Rai Saddlebags and Biker Gear


Jun 24, 2011
The handiest maintenance item you can carry. Welcome to the One Armed Standit, sold in the far north of Thailand exclusively by Chiang Rai Saddlebags. This device is manufactured from stainless steel. Every biker should have one in his saddlebag, tank bag or tail bag. The simple design allows the biker to raise the rear wheel of the motorcycle and keep it raised, while performing chain maintenance and lubrication, tire changes or repairs and axle/chain adjustments.

The One Armed Standit was marketed to us as the perfect tool for maintaining the rear of the Versys motorcycle and that it is. But it works equally well on a Phantom, KLX, CBR250 and most other motorcycles. Simply apply the front brake and wrap the Velcro strap around the brake handle and the accelerator hand grip. This locks the front wheel and stops the bike from rolling as you lift the bike. With the kickstand down, lean the bike over further onto the kickstand and watch as the rear tire clears the ground. Slide the height adjustable stand under the frame on the right side of the bike and lower the bike onto the One Armed Standit. You’re done!! The rear tire and wheel are free to turn, the chain can be rolled forwards or backwards for ease of inspection and lubing and the axle can be adjusted to tighten the chain or to make the real wheel run true.

The telescoping inner rod can be set free with the pull of a pin and then slid in or out to the perfect height for your model of motorcycle and re-pinned in pre-drilled holes. The stainless steel barrel is more than strong enough to hold your motorcycle and will give years of service without wearing out. The device is lightweight, takes up almost no room in your bags and sooner or later, will be the device that saves the day on one of your trips. Don’t get caught out there without it. Priced at 1,000 baht each, it is the best motorcycle maintenance purchase you will ever make. Lubing or cleaning your chain before or after each long run will never be easier.

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SPECIAL! With individual One Armed Standit purchases, we supply one free 200ml can of Veloil Motorcycle Chain Lube. Call Woraphat at 089-429-4562 or visit our website.